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Product Description

Get a Handle on Every Book of the Bible—at a Glance
You know it’s important to read God’s Word—we read the Bible to get to know the Author himself, but it’s an intimidating book! With 66 books written over 1600 years, by about 40 writers, and around 800,000 words, the Bible is massive and complicated with history, names, and events. Bible Overview will give you a grasp of each book quickly in this full-color handbook.

This full-color guide gives you a fantastic 2-to-6 page overview of each book of the Bible. Packed with short summaries, quick-reference charts and diagrams, full-color maps, and illustrations, Rose’s Bible Overview is the perfect solution to cover over 2,000 years of Bible history, people, and events at a glance! Includes:
  • Over 150 charts, maps, timelines, and full-color photos
  • Archaeological discoveries that give insight into the culture of the time
  • How Jesus can be seen in each book
  • Relevant and Practical Application for God’s people today

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