Free "Bible Overview" eChart

We know it's important to read the Bible, but with so much to take in, it can feel overwhelming. 

The Bible has 66 books, about 800,000 words, over 1,000 chapters, and was written by about 40 different authors. No wonder it can be intimidating.

Bible Overview is a tool to help you in your journey through the Bible.

Background information will help you understand the context of Genesis, so the land and culture relevant to this time period can inform your reading. Now you can study the scripture of Genesis along with an outline, major themes, key people, key verses and the purpose of the book. Gain a better understanding of the book of Genesis with this free eChart from the Bible Overview!

This free Bible Overview eChart includes these features for the Book of Genesis:

  • The purpose of the book.
  • Background information on the author, date and setting.
  • Key verses
  • Visual outlines
  • And more!

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