Free eChart from Bible Overview: Book of Deuteronomy

Are you experiencing an unanswered prayer? Or maybe an unfulfilled promise? It can feel confusing, purposeless, and even painful. The book of Deuteronomy is a reminder to God’s people that God is faithful to his covenant. It’s a reminder that we, as believers, are in the “already-but-not-yet” state of God’s Kingdom—saved and redeemed, but waiting for the fullness of God.

Today’s eChart will help you unpack the key takeaways from the third most-quoted book of the Bible so you be refreshed in God’s faithfulness. You’ll also see what the book of Deuteronomy reveals about Jesus and you’ll get:

  • A full color chart comparing the key Old Testament covenants
  • A labeled timeline showing the events in Deuteronomy
  • Key scriptures, themes, and book outline
  • And more!

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