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Librarians, are you wasting time searching catalogs and websites for new books? We make it easy to access the latest scholarship!

The Hendrickson Publishers Library Book Club is an exciting opportunity to receive curated shipments of books, tailored to your library’s needs. Three times a year, we’ll send you new titles that correspond with each of the four categories below at a 50% discount.

We’ll let you know which books are on their way before they ship, so you’ll have an opportunity to choose what comes your way. You will then also have an additional 30 days to review the books once they arrive.

Choose to receive books from any of these four categories, based on your library’s needs:

Bible Reference (Bibles, concordances, dictionaries)

Languages (Biblical Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic)

Academic (Church history, theology, reference)

Trade (Missions, pastoral, and Christian living)

What are the advantages to signing up for this subscription program?

1. Discovery: Receive curated shipments of brand-new, fresh-to-the-market books, tailored to your library’s needs.

2. Savings: Receive new titles at a 50% discount three times a year, plus some freebies here and there! First-time sign-ups receive 70% off an entire order of backlist titles.

3. Convenience: Books are automatically shipped to your door in March, August, and October. You have 30 days to review the titles before choosing to keep or return. It’s easy!