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Product Description

Talking about God and money or even the Bible and money can be awkward and even stressful in today’s society. So, its important to know what the Bible really says about money. This ready to use PowerPoint presentation, What the Bible Says About Money, includes over 75 slides and features verses on money, revealing the true stance of the Bible on money. Discover dozens of God’s promises about money and learn how he wants you to use the resources he has blessed you with. God is concerned about our faithfulness with what he has entrusted to us—whether it’s a lot or a little.

What the Bible Says About Money covers topics such as:
  • Money for the Glory of God
  • God is the True Owner of Our Money
  • Faithfulness Will Be Rewarded
  • God Gives Generously So We Can Give Generously
  • Money’s False Promises
  • Serving Money Takes Us Away from God
  • Different Attitudes Towards Money
  • Do’s and Don’ts with Money
  • Money’s False Promises vs. the Bible’s Promises on Money (in chart form).
  • And more!
3 Key Features of the What the Bible Says About Money PowerPoint

1. Easy-to-Understand Biblical Finances Presentation

Packed with simple summaries, Bible verses, and overviews, this PowerPoint will help you and those you teach understand the biblical and practical guidelines for saving, tithing, and more. Includes definitions and clear explanations that are easy-to-teach!

2. Ready-to-Use Customizable Slides for Flexible Teaching

Use the presentation as-is or customize it to fit your teaching schedule! This flexible presentation format allows you to rearrange or add slides at your choosing!
  • More than 75 slides, fully customizable for flexible teaching
  • Teach on one part or run the entire presentation
  • You control the timing, the speed, and order
3. All-In-One: Includes Handouts and Worksheets

Packed with printable worksheets, tip sheets, and quick-reference charts, this What the Bible Says About Money PowerPoint presentation is all you need to teach a class about biblical archaeology. Includes:
  • Printable slide handouts for easy notetaking
  • Map and glossary handouts for easy teaching
  • Discussion questions, quizzes, and worksheets
  • And more!

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