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"I'll just do it tomorrow." Are you caught in the tomorrow trap? Have you noticed how procrastination has stalled your life? In this 96-page book, Christian counselor June Hunt shows how to stop procrastinating with time-saving tips, biblical principles, and practical steps that will propel your life forward.

MYTH: Procrastinators are just lazy

Whether you feel incapable of success or you are secretly afraid of making a mistake, June Hunt exposes the REAL root causes of procrastination. Then, she shares proven ways to tackle the mindsets and habits that keep you from accomplishing tasks, hitting deadlines, and using your time wisely.

Although the word procrastination itself is not found in Scripture, many characteristics, causes, and solutions are in plain view throughout the Bible. In this easy-to-understand book, June Hunt equips you with time management skills and principles inspired by the Word of God to help you live a fruitful and productive life.

Find out:
  • 5 mindsets that keep you caught in the procrastination trap
  • 5 ways your personality can fuel procrastination
  • The difference between procrastination, laziness, and waiting on God
  • 15 time-saving tips that will jumpstart your life
  • 50 practical ways to stop procrastinating

PLUS! Enjoy getting practical advice on how to help others overcome their procrastination.

If you are plagued with procrastination, with God's help you can rearrange your priorities and complete your task on time. Productivity can replace the chaos when guided by biblical principles of good time management.

Perfect for those who personally struggle with procrastination or those who know someone who does (parents, teachers, pastors, counselors, business professionals, etc).

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