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This collection of research brings together current debates in New Testament textual criticism.

Topics range from the significance of catena manuscripts to a newly proposed method of dating manuscripts. Other topics include philology in the digital era, early Protestant Bibles, conjectural emendation, text transmission, and misunderstandings in the Latin Catholic Epistles.

While most essays involve aspects of manuscripts as past entities, many of them also discuss the present and the future of interpreting these documents. With the rise of technology, there are tools available that change some of the ways scholars understand textual criticism, but some text-critical discussions don’t involve technology at all.

This book seeks to inform scholars on the most recent debates and discoveries in this important field of biblical studies. It is flush with images detailing the textual flow of connected manuscripts, charts of digital analysis of manuscripts, illustrations that show the features of text-critical computer software, and images highlighting the interpretive significance of manuscript decoration.

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