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Whether you are personally struggling with overeating or you know someone who is, this 96-page book offers you key information on the causes, effects, and practical solution for compulsive eating. It answers key questions, such as:
  • Am I depressed because I overeat? Or do I overeat because I'm depressed?
  • Why is it so hard for me to resist the urge to eat?
  • Is it wrong to reward myself with food?
  • What daily choices can I make to bring change?

Are you tempted to "super-size it" at the drive-thru? Maybe you prefer late-night snacking while everyone else is asleep. If we're honest, many would have to admit that we often eat too much! After personally counseling people struggling with compulsive eating disorders for 30 years, June Hunt has seen firsthand what it takes to overcome the urge to overeat and to conquer food fixation. She invites you to experience the freedom, energy, and joy that come from running to God (not to food) for comfort.

This quick-reference guide on overeating combines June's years of experience with timeless biblical truth, relevant information, and practical action-steps.
  • Get key definitions, such as what counts as overeating? What is compulsive eating? and what is binge eating?
  • Learn how to spot the basic characteristics and signs that you struggle with overeating (includes a self-test)
  • Discover the situational and root causes of compulsive eating disorders, such as anxiety, unresolved pain, depression, or a crazy-hectic schedule.
  • Get practical advice on how to personally overcome compulsive eating or help guide someone through the process. Includes 11 "first steps" to take to begin your journey toward a healthy mindset toward food and 8 "daily choices" you can make for change.
  • Dive into the Word of God and be transformed as you align your thinking with God's thinking.

Recommended resource for pastors, church leaders, youth leaders, children's ministry leaders, parents, concerned friends and family members.

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