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Time, effort, and meticulous planning go into the wedding, but what about the marriage? Are you living happily ever after, or does it feel like you have a make-believe marriage? You might be skeptical about marriage because of the failed marriages around you, or maybe your own marriage has deflated your hopes of ever having a successful marriage and relationship. This book addresses that...
  • Marriage cannot solve your problems
  • Your identity is in Christ, not in your mate
  • It's never too late to improve your marriage
  • The male and female differences bring balance to the marriage relationship

Whether you are contemplating marriage – or remarriage – there is hope! God designed marriage as a lifetime covenant relationship for his purpose. You can learn to be the spouse God intended you to be. And although there may be struggles along the way, a God-honoring marriage can be yours!

Perfect for small group & Bible studies, Sunday school, young adult ministry, chaplaincy, Christian counseling, addiction & recovery programs, church giveaway.

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