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A book that everyone will love to look at! A facsimilie edition of the 1534 Luther Bible is a bibliophile edition of lasting value and dreams. It documents the first complete edition of the Bible in Martin Luther's translation, included the prefaces to the books of the Bible and marginal notes. The special attraction of this facsimilie is in the colored manual intials and woodcuts from the workshop of Lucas Cranach, the designs of which Luther himself participated in. Included in the volume is a detailed cultural and historical introduction which gives access to backgrounds, principles, and the historical impact of ths historical translation. The quality furnishings and the outstanding introduction make this work an aesthetic and cultural pleasure. The facsimilie is of the hand-colored copy of the Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar. The "1534" at a glance: *Bible text in the original version of the powerful Martin Luther translation *128 colored woodcuts from the studio of Lucas Cranach *Colored initials *Supplement for historical and cultural introduction

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