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Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview of the judges of Israel! From Deborah and Samson to Samuel and Gideon, see how God called upon these 14 amazing individuals to deliver Israel from oppression. Features simple summaries, quick-reference charts, an Old Testament map, time line, and more!

The judges of Israel weren't what anyone would call "conventional" leaders. One had a violent temper. One was the son of a prostitute. Another a woman in a male-dominated society. What did they all have in common? God called these courageous, relentless, and passionate seekers of the Lord to liberate Israel and bring them back into a right relationship with him. Enjoy having a solid overview of the judges in the Bible that shows key information at a glance! Perfect for personal use, small groups, or to add depth to any Old Testament Bible study.

Enjoy having charts, simple explanations, and key Bible verses at your fingertips while covering these important topics:

  • Overview on the lives and services of each of 14 judges: Deborah, Samson, Gideon, Samuel, and more!
  • Main messages and key takeaways from the judges of Israel
  • Discussion questions and need-to-know facts about the judges
  • AND incredible quick-reference charts and visuals, including:
    • Time line showing key dates, leaders, and events
    • Overview of the 14 judges (chart)
    • Old Testament Map showing the empires of the Ancient Near East and location of each judge
    • Cycle of patterns of the Judges of Israel

Click Here for the 5 Main Reasons Why You (and your small group) should Study the Judges of Israel

Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, new believer's classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Fits inside most Bibles covers. Click here for key features.

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits in a Bible cover.

4 Key Features of Rose's Judges of Israel in the Bible Pamphlet

1.Easy-to-Understand. Includes a Basic Overview on each of the judges (Samuel, Deborah, Samson, and more)

Easily provide your small group, congregation, or Bible study with a convenient overview of the heroes from the Book of Judges. Enjoy getting an impressive overview of each of the 14 judges of the Old Testament including—

  • Brief background
  • Purpose of each judge
  • Illustration of God's providence
  • Scripture reference
  • and more!

Also see quick-reference background information on each of the judges of Israel at a glance:

  • Name and name meaning
  • Defining characteristic
  • Scripture references
  • Enemy
  • and more!

2.Quick and Simple. See Key Information at a Glance with 4 Quick-Reference Charts and a Time Line

See key information, dates, and Bible verses at a glance with this pamphlet's quick-reference charts. Did you know Deborah, The Female Judge, was from the tribe of Ephraim, was called to lead the Israelites against the Canaanites, and that her name means "Bee?" Easily see all this and so much more on one complete chart featuring over a dozen other judges! Save the valuable time you'd spend flipping back and forth in your Bible or creating your own teaching visual.

  • Judges of Israel Overview Chart, includes—
    • Name
    • Name meaning
    • Tribe
    • Enemy
    • Years of oppression and service/peace
  • Judges of Israel Time Line, including key historical events and important leaders and kings
  • Cycle Pattern in the Book of Judges, showing repeated pattern of disobedience, oppression, deliverance, and more

3. Features Stunning Graphics and an Old Testament Map

Each of the judges came from different tribes of Israel — visually see where God chose to raise each of the judges up in times of great need. Imagine the clarity you'll gain by being able to see the various territories of the ancient near east clearly outlined at a glance!

Judges of Israel foldout pamphlet by Rose Publishing

4.Practical. Include Simple Overviews that Unpack the Messages of the Judges in the Bible

Understanding the judges of the Bible can be challenging and difficult without understanding the political and social climates they came from or the big picture of God's plans. This pamphlet simply breaks down each of the 14 biblical judges into the need-to-know highlights:

  • Short and concise biographies of each of the judges
  • 6 phases of the cycle pattern in the Book of Judges
  • 4 essential questions about the judges of Israel
    • What was the role of a judge?
    • In what ways did God's people disobey?
    • How were the people oppressed?
    • What does it mean when "the Spirit of the Lord came upon" someone in the Old Testament?

Imagine seeing all you need to know at a glance and experience the convenience of having key background information provided in one place. Getting a grasp of the judges of Israel has never been easier!

What’s the Difference Between the Judges and Prophets of the Bible?

What separates the judges from the prophets, and could someone be both? Judges and prophets were specially raised up by God for specific purposes in times of need, whether or not Israel cried out for them. Judges were considered liberators and deliverers while prophets were God's witnesses who brought the word of the Lord to the people. Deborah and Samuel are examples of judges that were also prophets.

5 Main Reasons Why You (and your small group) Should Study the Judges of Israel:

Why should Christians today read, study, and be concerned with the judges of the Old Testament?

  1. The judges of Israel teach us that no matter how often or how far we stray, God always provides a way for us to be reconciled to him.
  2. These heroes of the Old Testament remind us that no matter how flawed we are, God can still use us to fulfill his purposes.
  3. The judges of the Bible are a shadow of Jesus Christ the Messiah, our Savior, and the Ultimate Deliverer.
  4. They are illustrations of how God can and does intervene on our behalves, even when life seems darkest.
  5. The judges of Israel show us that God's providence can come from the most unlikely people during unpredictable moments in life.

Here's a List of the Judges of Israel Included in this Bible Study Pamphlet:

  • Othniel
  • Ehud
  • Shamgar
  • Deborah
  • Gideon
  • Tola
  • Jair
  • Jephthah
  • Ibzan
  • Elon
  • Abdon
  • Samson
  • Eli
  • Samuel

Use for —

  • Individual study
  • Discipleship
  • Small Group or Sunday School class
  • Christian School
  • Homeschoolers
  • New Believers' class
  • Church library

Discussion/Reflection Questions for the Judges of Israel Pamphlet

  1. Read Pg. 1 (Judges of Israel). Even with God's laws in place, Israel could not seem to stay away from idolatry or sin. They repeatedly strayed from God, even when their sin turned them over to their enemies. Yet God still sent a deliverer to liberate them. What does this say about God's character and will for us?
  2. Read Pg. 2-3. The judges of Israel came from highly contrasting backgrounds, some with tainted pasts. What does this tell you about God's ability and desire towards us even at our most troubled times?
  3. Read Pg. 4-5 (Time Line & Cycle Pattern). The progression of eras from patriarchs, to servant leaders, judges, and kings is clearly defined on this time line. Side by side with the cycle pattern in Judges, what can we determine about mankind's need for order and a ruler? Why do you think Samuel did not want to appoint a king for Israel?
  4. Read Pg. 6-7 (Map & Judges Q&A). The last question of the Q&A compares and contrasts God's relationship to his people between the Old and New Testament. Is the role of judge still needed today? If God's Spirit permanently fills God's people today, is everyone capable of fulfilling God's promises?
  5. Read Pg. 8-13 (Overview of 14 Judges). Reflect on the ways the Israelites cried out to God in their oppression. What are some ways we pray or cry out to God for help or deliverance today? Think of a time when you did this. How did he answer your petitions?

How to use Rose's Judges of Israel Bible Study Pamphlet:

Bible studies, small group discussions, discipleship classes, young adult studies, personal study.

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