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How is Jesus different from all other religious leaders in the world?
Part of the full-color Rose Bible Basics series, Jesus provides you with a solid introduction to the life of Jesus, his teachings, and the significance of his death and resurrection. Each chapter of this book will help you discover the life-changing impact of Jesus of Nazareth.

Chapters include the following:
  • Who is Jesus? This chapter helps to explain why Jesus came, what He taught and did, and why He had to die. It includes the life of Jesus in chart form, the beliefs about Jesus chart, and a Christ’s deity chart.
  • Jesus: Fact or Fiction? Topics in this section include “Was Jesus of Nazareth a mythical figure?” “Where was Jesus during the Lost Years?” “Have archaeologists really found Jesus’ bones?”
  • The Gospels Side by Side This section includes a chart exploring the harmony of the gospels regarding the life of Jesus.
  • The Beatitudes This section reveals why the much beloved Beatitudes of Jesus’ sermon on the mount are still relevant wherever there is suffering, injustice, and a need for God today. They bring comfort to a weary heart, and joy in times of trial. This chapter will explain what the beatitudes are and how they relate to believers today.
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Names of Jesus This section gives 50 names of Jesus and the meaning of each name with its Bible reference. This section also compares Jesus to: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Melchizedek, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Elijah and Elisha, and Zerubbabel, as many of these men foreshadowed the coming of the true messiah.
  • Christ in the Old Testament This popular section includes a chart that selects 13 people in the Old Testament who foreshadowed Jesus Christ. The Christ in the Old Testament section also provides 20 Biblical prophecies fulfilled by Jesus in His first coming.

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