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This book provides a daily verse (or small group of consecutive verses) from the Greek New Testament, formatted for devotional reading and with grammatical aids to help users of any level of Greek competency refresh and deepen their abilities with the language.

Each verse (or group of verses) is presented on one page, which is marked with a day number (from 1 to 365) and a date (January 1 to December 31), so the book can be used as a daily reader. Moreover, the texts are grouped according the following twelve major New Testament themes, so that readers can engage in sustained reflection on one theme per month over the course of a year: True Blessing, The Kingdom of God, Redemption and Forgiveness, Promises and Providence, The Spirit and Freedom, Faith and Faithfulness, Mercy and Compassion, Christ, Steadfast Love, Healing and Life, Prayer and Benediction, Exhortation and Exultation. Finally, the last group of days for each theme is devoted to an “extended passage” (e.g., the Parable of the Lost Sheep [Luke 15:1–7], Paul’s teaching on spiritual gifts [1 Cor 12:4–11], the transfiguration of Jesus [Matt 17:1–8]) that is presented one verse per day to allow readers to engage deeply and slowly not only with discrete verses from across the canon but also with a longer text related to the theme in question.

On each day’s page, the Greek text for the day is presented at the top, broken up into phrases and clauses to facilitate both easy understanding and slow, meditative reading. At the bottom of the page, an “interlinear” version of the verse(s) from two pages earlier is provided, with the Greek text of each phrase/clause, an English translation of these, and parsing of all verbs. Thus, by flipping the page for any given day, readers can avail themselves of this “answer key” if they need help working through the day’s text.

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