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This fully-illustrated boys devotional from RoseKidz helps boys ages 10-12 know God and His ways. Volume 3 features over 100 devotions, cool stories, Bible activities, fun crafts, recipes, and more.

Life doesn't stay the same—it is full of lots of changes. But, one thing never changes—God. Find out more about God, more about yourself, and more about God's promises with this boys' devotional. Let's face it, we all like sleeping. But, God never sleeps. He's available all the time, 24-7. He never dozes off (not even in class). See why you can trust him to always be there no matter what with this boys devotion packed with cool stories, activities, and more!

Here's just some of the awesome topics you will cover in this boys devotional:

  • 11 Ways to Get to know God better
  • 10 keys to understanding the coolest book ever—The Bible
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • 12 holy heroes that really rock
  • 10 promises you can count on

Features Bible Activities After Each Boys Devotion

After each devotion, there is an activity that will help you grow closer to God. Dig even deeper into the Bible with fun Bible activities, puzzles, Bible crosswords, mind-bending mazes, word searches, drawing activities, and more with this bestselling children's devotional.

Each boys devotion includes:

  • Key Bible Verse
  • Short devotion showing what this looks like in real life
  • Reflection questions & journaling space
  • Prayer
  • Bible Activity

Perfect for boys ages 10-12. 240 pgs. Paperback.

Top 3 Reasons Why Guys Think "Gotta Have God" is Awesome!

  1. It's Just For Guys- Discover the Biblical way to respond to guy topics, like how to be careful with words, how to be honest and how to respond to bullying.
  2. It's Fun and Not "Boring!" Features fun Bible activities, drawing, mazes, crosswords, wordsearches, puzzles, and more that will get you thinking!
  3. It's Easy to Read— Packed with pictures, cool stories, and games, these devotions tackle relevant topics that boys face and show them how to be a man after God's own heart.
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3 Key Features of "Gotta Have God" Boys Devotional:

  1. Bible-Based and Packed with 100 Daily Devotions. Provides key Bible verses, offers practical advice, and simple model prayers.
  2. Age-Appropriate and Easy-to-Understand. Clear, short, and fun lessons for all attention spans! Each age-based book is filled with short stories, easy-to-memorize Bible verses, and fun quizzes.
  3. Great for Reluctant Readers. Appeals to reluctant or new readers with large fonts and easy-to-read sections alternated with fun images, activities, and quizzes.
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Packed with More Than 100 Kids Devotions, Full-Color Pictures, and Bible Activities

With more than 100 kid devotions and stories, "Gotta Have God!" is filled with colorful art and activities that will introduce and strengthen the habit of daily devotionals. Bible verses and stories kick off each devotional and are followed by fun exercises, prayers, and memory activities that help kids remember key information.

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