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You know that as a believer you are called to forgive—but how? How can you truly forgive someone who hurt you? What does “letting it go” actually look like? What if they don’t even seem sorry?

Find refreshment in God’s Word with this six-week study on forgiveness from June Hunt. Packed with practical tips, realistic advice, and discussion questions, the 6-week Choosing Forgiveness Bible Study invites you to dive deeper into the Bible and shows you how to apply its truth to your life. Discover the following:
  • 9 Signs of a Forgiving Heart
  • 11 Barriers to Forgiveness
  • 4 Bible Truths to Set You Free
  • 8 Steps to Reconciliation
Unlike other Bible studies on these topics, these studies use charts, bulleted lists, and an easy-to-use format, along with discussion questions and life applications for each week.

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