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The 10-Foot Christian and World History Time Line offers a birds-eye view of history showing Christian historical events unfolding next to their world history counterparts. This indispensable Bible study tool is a great addition to any church resource library, Christian school, or homeschooler’s classroom.

This time line covers the life of Jesus to the modern day (AD 1 to present). It also covers the expansion of Christianity after the ascension of Jesus, including key eras such as the emergence of the Eastern Orthodox Church and monasticism, the rise of Islam and iconoclasm, the Protestant Reformation, the age of exploration, and Puritanism.

Key Features of the 10-Foot Christian & World History Time Line:
  • See over 2,000 years of history at a glance
  • More than 300 key people and events that all Christians should know
  • Emphasis on world missions, the expansion of Christianity, and Bible translation
  • Colorful photos and illustrations
  • Map showing the expansion of Christianity by AD 325
Comes in an 8.5” x 11” envelope; unfolds to 10’ x 11”. Easy to put together in four panels.

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