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See how The Feast of Tabernacles Points to the hope in a Savior!

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When Jesus arrived on a donkey in Jerusalem during Passover, the Jewish people waved palm leaves—but this was NOT a Holy Week custom! Did you know it was actually a ritual observed during Sukkot? What does it mean for the Jewish people greet Jesus with a Feast of Tabernacles custom during a time of Passover? Learn more about this symbolic act and MORE in this week’s free video Bible study session! Enjoy having:

  • A 30-minute, fully led session from expert Dr. Sam Nadler
  • Explanations and definitions for Sukkot
  • Easy-to-understand Jewish customs and historical backgrounds
  • Scripture references
  • And more!

The feasts of Tabernacles, Rosh HaShanah, and Yom Kippur are coming up this month! Find out how Sukkot (“Soo-KOTE”), or the Feast of Tabernacles, points to the arrival of the Messiah with this free session from Rose's Feast of the Bible DVD. Get an understanding of what a real traditional Sukkot festival looks like (including how Jewish people mark coming out of 40 years of wilderness.)

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