Kids Bible Lessons

Reproducible Bible Lessons for Kids! These instant, ready to use Bible Lessons for kids are fully reproducible! They're packed with dozens of hands on Bible activities, crafts, and more! These lessons cover the most beloved Bible stories and themes. This makes them perfect for Sunday school lessons, children’s church, homeschool, or VBS.

5 Key Features of RoseKid's Reproducible Bible Lessons:

  • Age-appropriate and Easy-to-understand: Enjoy having Bible based material that explains key information in a way that is easy-to-understand for your kid's age group.
  • Packed with Fun Bible Activities for Kids!: Loaded with original Bible activities, crafts, skit ideas, music options, snack suggestions, challenging puzzles, and more!
  • Flexible Kids Bible Lessons and Ready-to-Use Bible Activities: Bible verses and stories kick off each lesson. They're followed by activities that help kids remember key information. Each lesson is all-inclusive. They even include step-by-step instructions for teachers.
  • Low-Prep Time and Budget-Friendly: Includes ready-made handouts and templates for art and crafts. Most of these kids Bible lessons use materials you can find around your house—helping you stick to your budget!
  • Reproducible (Features Perforated Pages): Save time and money with these ready-to-use kids Bible lessons and activities. These reproducible books use perforated pages making it easy to make copies for your class (or kids).


The Instant Bible Lessons series offers a variety of kids Bible lessons to help kids grow closer to God. This is done in a hands-on way, using interactive activities. Age appropriate, fully reproducible, and flexible, these books have everything you need to teach the truths of God to children. The series offers lessons for children ages 2-12. This series is a must for church or home use.

Instant Bible Lessons - Gospel IllusionsGospel Illusions: Object Lessons You Can Do!
Instant Bible Lessons for Preteens - Equipped for LifeInstant Bible Lessons for Preteens: Equipped For Life

Instant Bible Lessons for PreschoolersInstant Bible Lessons for Toddlers: Growing Up for


The Top 50 series aims to create the top resources for Children's Ministries. Some are created from top authors and teachers in Children's Ministries. Others combine some of our best lessons from favorite RoseKidz products (previously Rainbow Publishers) into a new, updated format. Enjoy the quick and easy-to-use reproducible resources packed with lessons, activities and crafts. Includes top lessons every child should know that are volunteer and child-friendly!

Top 50 Science-Based Bible Lessons Exploring God's Truth through ScienceTop 50 Science-Based Bible Lessons

Bible Stories about Jesus for ElementaryTop 50 Bible Stories about Jesus for Elementary - Ages 5-10
Creative Bible Lessons for PreschoolersTop 50 Creative Bible Lessons: Fun Activities for Preschoolers


Bible stories come to life with these activities to teach children about the life of Jesus. The books include two activities for each favorite story from Jesus' life and teachings. There are also activities for at least 24 stories in each book. The activities pages are completely reproducible. They come with easy to follow instructions and Scripture references. Even teaching tips!

Bible Stories about JesusBible Stories about Jesus: Grades 1 & 2

Bible Stories about JesusBible Stories about Jesus: Ages 2-3

Bible Stories about JesusBible Stories about Jesus: Ages 4-5


52 Ways to Teach Series includes special activities for every week! Every book in this series has 52 reproducible activities like mazes, coloring pages, paper crafts, and more. Each activity helps your kids learn more about God and His love for them. Get the whole set and you will always have a great Bible-teaching activity at your fingertips!

Teach the Bible52 Games That Teach the Bible

Teach Children to Pray52 Ways to Teach Children to Pray

Teach Memory Verses52 Ways to Teach Memory Verses


Teach God's Word in creative ways! Lead kids in crafts, games and other activities (including coloring, cutting, pasting, puppets and puzzles). They are reproducible, easy to prepare, and include teaching hints and tips. With the 82 Bible Learning Activities built around 40 favorite stories from the Old and New Testaments, kids will learn what the stories teach and how to it to their lives.

Favorite Bible StoriesFavorite Bible Stories, Ages 2-3

Favorite Bible StoriesFavorite Bible Stories, Ages 4-5


Favorite Bible Families introduces your elementary aged students to learn God's purpose for families, to different roles in families and outcomes for obeying or disobeying parents. There are 72 fully-reproducible lessons in total. Each lesson has a corresponding Bible memory verse, supplies list, script for teaching, activities, and more.

Favorite Bible FamiliesFavorite Bible Families, Ages 2 & 3

Favorite Bible FamiliesFavorite Bible Families, Grades 3 & 4

Favorite Bible FamiliesFavorite Bible Families, Ages 4 & 5

Award-Winning & Bestselling Kids Bible Lessons

  • Teaching Children to Pray is a winner of the Mom’s Choice Award
  • Instant Bible Lessons for Preteens is a winner of the Mom’s Choice Award