The Interlinear Bible

Keyed to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and the only complete interlinear Bible available in English, this one-volume Interlinear Bible offers pastors, ministers, students, and laypeople a time-saving tool for researching the subtle nuances and layers of meaning within the original biblical languages. Featuring the complete Hebrew and Greek texts with a direct English rendering below each word, it also it also includes The Literal Translation of the Bible in the outside column. Strong's numbers are printed directly above the Hebrew and Greek words which enables those with no prior knowledge of Greek or Hebrew to easily access a wealth of language reference works keyed to Strong's Greek/Hebrew dictionaries, analytical lexicons, concordances, word studies and more.

The Hebrew is based on the Masoretic Text and the Greek is from the Textus Receptus. The sources of the texts are documented in the preface, and are essentially the same (with some minor variations) to the Hebrew and Greek texts used by the KJV translators.

This one-volume Interlinear Bible contains 4-point text.

See Word–for–Word Translations at a Glance!

Most Bibles (even study Bibles) don't show ALL the Hebrew and Greek keywords. Enjoy having one that does!

This Interlinear Bible is the only Bible that goes through ALL the words, showing the Old Testament Hebrew, New Testament Greek, and English translation side-by-side!

See the Bible's Original Languages and Their Translation Side by Side!

The translation is shown IN LINE, which means you don't lose your place by having to look at footnotes, flipping to the back of your Bible, or consulting another resource.

You can see the original language and its translation side by side in ONE Bible.

Enjoy Having These Key Features at Your Fingertips

The majority of believers (including pastors) are unable to read biblical Hebrew and Greek. But that no longer means you can't enjoy the Bible in its original languages.

This easy-to-use Interlinear Bible does the first step of a word study for you, saving you time and making it easier to read through the Bible.

1. Helpful Study Tools

Each word is already keyed to the Exhaustive Strong's Concordance, so you can easily dig deeper into each word's meaning

It also includes extra study resources, including:

  • Christ in the Old Testament
  • Prophecies fulfilled by Christ
  • Guide to Hebrew and Greek alphabets
  • Text notes, showing alternate translations.

2. Easy to Understand

You don't need to know Greek or Hebrew to read this Bible. The English and literal translations are included.

  • One English translation appears right below the Greek or Hebrew word.
  • The literal translation appears in a narrow column on the side.

This is a must-have Bible. Use it as your primary translation or alongside other translations to dig deeper.

3. Combines 4 Volumes into One Hardcover Edition

This Bible used to only be available in 4 separate volumes (making it hard to carry with you).

But this hardcover version combines ALL 4 volumes into one easy-to-use Bible.

4. Dig Deeper with Its Fascinating Facts

  • The Jewish culture used many figures of speech, such as the "mouth of a sword," which means the edge of a sword.
  • Jesus' words and conversations make up 48% of the Gospels.
  • Hebrew and Greek script, unlike English, make no distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • And more!