Free “The Resurrection: Combating Fake News” eChart

It’s so easy these days to either just pull “facts” from the internet or to accept the first clickbait headlines you read. Sure! You can do your own research, but sources (especially on the web) have become more and more unreliable. Sometimes these sources are sponsored by companies and/or people with suspicious motives. So how do you know what to believe—especially about key facts like the resurrection of Jesus?

You will hear common questions from friends, disciples, or new believers that you will have to answer, especially around Easter Sunday! “Were the witnesses of the resurrection reliable?” “Is the New Testament believable?” “Does the resurrection even matter?” 

Get all the explanations and answers to these common objections and more in this week’s free eChart!

  • 3 common “fake news” objections about Jesus’ resurrection
  • Their rebuttals and what the Bible says
  • Scripture references
  • And more!

This week's free eChart includes just a few pages from the Evidence for the Resurrection pamphlet. Get the whole pamphlet for just $2.50* at 50% OFF!