Free “Jesus’ Birth in the Gospels” eChart

With Christmas just around the corner, how can you (and those you lead) dive deeper into the story of Christ’s birth with fresh eyes?

This week, look at the stories of Jesus together in a chronological harmony and get a renewed perspective on the four gospels and the life and ministry of our Savior!

Covering Jesus’ birth across the four gospels, this free, labeled chronology eChart unpacks Christ’s birth in multiple forms so that you can dig deeper! Perfect for getting a fresh set of eyes on a cherished biblical event that you’ve heard over and over. This week's free eChart includes:

  • Full-color map of the Holy Land at Jesus’ time
  • A side-by-side chart comparing Scriptures of Jesus’ birth as told by the gospels
  • Easy-to-read summaries and overviews
  • And more!

This week's free eChart is just a few pages out of the 178‐page reference guide, Rose Chronological Guide to the Bible. Get this reference book for just $24.49 today.