Free "Great Feasts of the Bible" eChart

Did you know that the three main feasts of the Bible (Passover, Weeks, and Booths) are described differently each time they’re mentioned in the Torah? Or that each of these feasts correspond with a natural harvest season in the land of ancient Israel?

 In this week’s free eChart, enjoy learning key insights into the feasts of Passover, Weeks, and Booths! With its fascinating facts and helpful comparison charts, you’ll deepen your understanding of these important biblical feasts.

In this week’s free download, enjoy having:

  • A solid overview of the great feasts of the Bible
  • Colorful charts comparing Passover and the upcoming Feast of Weeks
  • Fascinating facts and insights into the Scriptures
  • And more!

This week's eChart includes just a few pages from the Rose Guide to the Feasts, Festivals, and Fasts of the Bible. Get the whole book for just $17.50!