Free “Feast of Tabernacles” eChart

Grief. Loss. Lack of direction or purpose. When you’re experiencing a “wilderness” season of life, it can feel like a struggle. Every. Single. Day. Where can you find hope?

The Feast of Tabernacles (coming up later this month!) observes the 40 years of wilderness by the Israelites endured. This week’s free eChart will help you (and those you lead) unpack incredible depth, meaning, and hope in times of crisis and despair.

Deepen your understanding of Christ in the The Feast of Tabernacles with this free eChart packed with:

  •  A Jewish Feast Calendar
  •  Pictures & illustrations
  •  Easy to understand overviews of Sukkot
  •  And key Bible verses!

With The Feast of Tabernacles (or Sukkot) coming up in less than two weeks (September 29, 2023), now’s the perfect time to see how this Jewish feast was celebrated in the Old Testament and how it finds its fulfillment with the coming of the Messiah! 

This is just a few pages from the Rose Guide to the Tabernacle and Temple. Get both books for just $29.99!

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