Free “The 7 Myths + Truths of Forgiveness” eChart Download

You already know you should forgive—that’s what God and the Bible asks us to do. But you also know how difficult it can truly be when the offense is more than a stubbed toe or a bygone stinging offhanded comment. Maybe it’s an unfaithful spouse. A sabotaged job or project. Or the loss of a loved one.


Regardless of how immense the pain is, God wants to equip us with tools to experience the freedom He bought for us. In this week’s free download, you’ll get access to the common myths about forgiveness (and so much more!) so you can push past fears or false beliefs that may be holding you back from freedom. This echart includes:

  • 4 Common myths about forgiveness
  • 5 Benefits of forgiveness
  • 5 Painful consequences of unforgiveness to avoid
  • And more!

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