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The Complete Jewish Study Bible pairs the updated text of the Complete Jewish Bible with detailed notes. It also includes comprehensive study material to help you study bible verses in depth. This study bible helps readers understand and connect with the essence of their faith. God’s redemptive plan for his people!

Readers will be enriched through this Jewish reading of Scripture and the revelation of the long-awaited Messiah, Yeshua, throughout both the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the B’rit Hadashah (New Testament).

Christians and Messianic Jews who are interested in rich spiritual traditions will be thrilled with this study Bible. It's a great addition to anyone's daily Bible reading.

This study Bible comes in 5 different bindings! 

  • Imitation Leather, Indexed (Blue)
  • Imitation Leather (Blue)
  • Genuine Leather, Indexed (Black)
  • Imitation Leather (Black)
  • Hardcover

The Only English Version of the Bible Fully Jewish in Style and Presentation

It's packed with features you can't find in other study Bibles:

Jewish Bibles with Jewish Style

Inside this Complete Jewish BibleThe Complete Jewish Study Bible
Jewish Study Bible with Thumb IndexThumb Index

Biblical ReferencesReference

Personalize Your Complete Jewish BibleImprinting


New Introductions for Each Book of the Bible from a Jewish Perspective

Every study Bible has introductions, but most come from a non-Jewish perspective. Imagine having introductions that cover key information about each book and reveal key insights. Insights from a historically accurate Jewish perspective!

This is exactly what the Complete Jewish Study Bible has! A great addition to your devotions!

Plus, all 66 book introductions have an outline too!

Discover incredible insights with this Bible's:

  • Outlines for each book of the Bible
  • Footnotes at the bottom of the page
  • Unique format that follows the Jewish order of the Old Testament books

The Jewish Bible - Layout

Enjoy These Key Features

Color-Coded Biblical Themes145 Color-Coded Overviews on Key Themes

Over 145 overviews and articles covering a wide variety of topics! From the names of God to the Tabernacle. Feasts of the Bible, Jewish covenants, and more!

Meaning of Hebrew WordsMeaning of Hebrew Keywords

The Complete Jewish Study Bible makes it easy to discover original Hebrew names. Using a simple system of parentheses, commas, and quotes you'll be able to find the original Hebrew names of key people, places, and concepts. It also has a pronunciation guide.

Jewish Bible IntroductionsIntroduction & Study Notes from a Jewish Perspective

For each book of the Bible, the Complete Jewish Study Bible has introductions. They're written from a historically accurate, Jewish perspective!

It also has:

  • Outlines for each book of the Bible
  • Footnotes at the bottom of the page
  • The Jewish order of the Old Testament

Bible Maps, Charts and More!

Maps, Charts and More!

Dig even deeper into Scripture with 8 full color maps, Hebrew glossaries, charts, and more!

Biblical Charts

Features More Than 145 Color-Coded Overviews on Key Themes Throughout the Bible

See key information without having to flip between pages! From Jewish customs to messianic prophecy, you can easily follow 12 major themes. There are color coded articles integrated throughout.

Articles cover topics such as Jewish Customs, the Names of God, Shabbat, the Torah, and more!

Key Bible Themes

Plus! You Can Personalize Your Bible

For Yourself! For Your Pastor! For a Friend! For a Family Member! Someone who values personalized Bibles?

Whether the Bible is for yourself or a friend, personalize the Complete Jewish Study Bible with a beautiful imprint on the cover!

Give yourself or someone else the timeless gift of a specially imprinted Bible. You can imprint a name, important date, or favorite Bible reference!

Both the calfskin leather and flexisoft leather bindings are available to be personalized:

  • Cursive
  • Capital letters
  • Regular print
  • Or with initials!

The Jewish Bible Personalized