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Afterwork is for Everyone"Who am I going to be when I'm not me anymore?"

Your Afterwork doesn't start at 50—you must invest in this season of your life like you do a retirement account. No matter your age, employment status, or life stage, you can experience true positive change through meaningful conversations and cast a vision for a future worthy of dreams.

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  • Small Groups
  • Church classes
  • Book clubs
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Adults Still in the Workforce
  • Corporate
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Meet Some Afterwork Readers That
Have Turned Their Lives Around

“Rather than retreating or withdrawing until my dying days, Afterwork gives me hope and the confidence that I still matter. Afterwork has breathed new life into me for the days ahead, and I can’t wait to develop its recommended habits and then teach those same habits to others.”

David Ashcraft

Senior pastor, LCBC Church, Manheim, Pennsylvania; board of directors, Global Leadership Network, and National Association of Evangelicals; author, What Was I Thinking?

“This was great smooth writing and an enjoyable read. Good and valuable information for use even after retirement. I love the way they were able to weave being generous, thankful living, and good stewardship into creating a rewarding retirement.”

Diana L.

“This book is extremely well written and provides the reader with a lot of valuable information regarding what is important “afterwork.” While I am still in the workforce (not retired yet), this book provided me with great insight into what is important and how to “help in my pursuit of meaning.”

David E.

“Joel and Alex have shared their learning in an engaging, helpful way. My wife and I were stretched and challenged, gaining a lot of practical wisdom and insights. This is the kind of book that’s enjoyable to read and full of easy-to-apply ideas to help bring meaning to what, for many, is the final third of life.”

Bob F.
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Afterwork Authors

Joel Malick and Alex Lippert have more than 30 years of combined wealth management and financial planning experience. As the cofounders of EverOak Wealth Co.—which has nearly $1 billion in assets under advisement—they help advance the financial health of their clients so they can boldly pursue their unique purpose. Now, with their new book, Afterwork, Joel and Alex are on a mission to help clients and anyone else planning to retire better prepare for the non-financial side of life....after work.

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