Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce

There are people in your church and community who feel wounded, rejected, and shamed by their divorce. They don’t always know where to go for help.

When a tragic divorce destroys a family, many women find their hopes and dreams shattered. For many, this is the greatest loss they have faced. It devastates them, and they desperately need emotional and spiritual help. They struggle with loneliness and shame. Many of them need to face the pain and begin to forgive themselves and others in order to move forward in life..

The good news is a recent study showed Christian faith made a big difference in divorcees' ability to put their life back together and successfully live with hope and purpose. In fact, Christians recovered nearly 3 times better than people having "no religion." They were able to live again because of their faith and trust in the Lord!

This 8-session DVD study helps them stay connected to God’s truth during this season of loss. It helps guide them towards healing and recovery. You don’t have to be a pastor or counselor to lead it! It comes with all that you need. This Christian divorce recovery series covers topics such as dealing with loneliness, forgiving offenses, overcoming fear, picking up the pieces, and moving past the shame toward healing and wholeness.

Session Titles

  • Session 1: Acceptance Reality Check - Dealing with the pain and shock.
  • Session 2: Forgiveness Factor - Forgiving yourself and the other person.
  • Session 3: The Loneliness Giant - How to handle the loneliness and create a loving community around you.
  • Session 4: The Real Enemy - Satan wants to tear you down and make you feel worthless. God has plans for hope and a good future for you.
  • Session 5: Respect Yourself - Having self-respect and setting healthy boundaries in all situations.
  • Session 6: The Dating Game - Expert testimony: Dr. Tim A. Gardner. What do men really want? How are men and women different in their thinking about a sexual relationship outside of marriage? Tips to avoid making mistakes.
  • Session 7: Beyond the Shame and Guilt - Expert testimony: Dale Dunnewold. How is it possible not to feel guilt or shame when we feel we have failed so greatly. Rebuilding your life.
  • Session 8: Discovering a Future of Wholeness - What to expect as you move from the initial shock of divorce toward the future? Pearls of wisdom from a panel discussion.

Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce 8 Sessions - Leader Guide

The Leader Guide has notes, discussion questions, reflections, and prayers for each session as well as helpful information about leading group studies.

Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce 8 Sessions - Participant Guide

The Participant Guide has discussion questions, reflection questions, action steps, payer requests, scripture promises and pages for journaling for each of the eight sessions.

Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce - DVD

This 8-session Christian divorce recovery series covers topics such as loneliness, forgiveness, fear, picking up the pieces, dating, and moving past the shame and guilt to healing and wholeness.

Live Again: Wholeness After Divorce - Journal

Journal your insight, thoughts, and emotions as you take this 8-week journey toward recovery from divorce with other women. Each session presents a compelling testimony from a woman who has been there and who can personally share how she found hope and a sense of God's purpose even after divorce. Each session also includes advice from caring experts who can help you find healing, wholeness and peace again.