Free "Hanukkah" eChart

You know that today's Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah. But did you know that although Jesus came to Jerusalem for Hanukkah, the festival was not observed by the early gentile Christians? Or that some of Hanukkah’s themes are reflected in a Christian feast called Encaenia?

With this week’s free eChart, enjoy learning key insights into Hanukkah and its connections to the Christian faith! With its fascinating facts & insights into Bible history, deepen your understanding of Hanukkah (the Feast of Dedication)!

With this week’s free download, enjoy having:

  • A solid overview of Hanukkah and its historical background
  • Key information on the ancient feast of Encaenia and how it relates to Hanukkah
  • Fascinating facts and insights into the Scriptures
  • And more!

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