Engaging and Creative Bible Lessons for Kids and Preteens

Are you looking for Bible lessons for your kids? Or kids you teach? Whether you’re teaching preschoolers, elementary kids, or preteens, here’s your one-stop shop for all the Bible lessons you’ll need in 2022!

Quick and easy-to-use lessons with REPRODUCIBLE hand-outs and step-by-step instructions are our specialty! There are so many to choose from you’re bound to find some! And your kids will love them! Use them for children’s church, mid-week services, Sunday School, home school. They’ll be perfect!

Whether you’re a church volunteer or stay-at-home Mom, we know you care immensely about the lessons you teach. But sometimes life doesn’t give you as much time to prepare as you’d like. So, we pour endless hours into creating easy-to-use, volunteer friendly, and FUN Instant Bible Lessons. We want to help you be the best teacher you can be.

Our books include so many different types of lessons. You can switch it up depending on your kids likes and dislikes. The last thing we want is for them to not enjoy learning about the Bible. So we’ve filled them with reproducible (YES reproducible!) puzzles, games, crafts, experiments, and more!

Let's start planning your 2022 curriculum!


Top 50 Instant Bible Lessons for PreschoolFrom Creation to Jesus’ miracles, enjoy having lessons for the top 50 Bible stories every preschooler should know (ages 2-5)! Features include over 200 quick, age-appropriate Bible activities and lessons for an entire year! 

Each lesson includes a Bible story, memory verse, life-application questions, and several preschool activities that engage all learning styles!

The first 10 lessons (out of 200) are: 

  • God Creates the Earth and Us
  • Seventh Day of Rest
  • Adam and Eve Sin
  • Cain and Abel
  • Noah
  • Abraham Has a Son
  • Jacob and Esau
  • Baby Moses
  • And Moses Talks to Pharaoh.

Top 50 Creative Bible Lessons - Fun Activities for PreschoolersFrom Genesis to the early church in Acts, children will love these short, age-appropriate stories from the Bible. And it's filled with fun activities for preschoolers! The variety of crafts, puzzles, and activities will help them learn important Bible truths. There is an activity included with each lesson.

We want kids to remember the foundational truths they learn in these Bible lessons. Even when they’re grown up!

So as a BONUS, this book includes take-home pages so your preschoolers can learn Bible truths easily at home. They'll also help reinforce the lessons they hear at church or school. 

The first 10 lessons are:

  • God Makes Everything
  • Noah Obeys
  • God’s Promise to Abraham
  • A Wife for Isaac
  • Joseph’s Colorful Coat
  • Joseph in Prison
  • Miriam and Baby Moses
  • Moses Leads God’s People
  • Joshua is Brave
  • And Mighty Samson.


Top 50 Instant Bible Lessons for ElementaryLooking for elementary Bible lessons for kids? Enjoy having a whole year’s worth of Bible lessons at your fingertips! Top 50 Instant Bible Lessons for Elementary covers 50 key stories of the Bible. And it includes BONUS lessons for Christmas and Easter (ages 5-10).

Each lesson includes an opening fun game, Bible story, object lesson, up to four additional optional activities, discussion questions, and a memory verse!

The first 10 lessons are:

  • Creation
  • Sin Enters the World
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Job
  • Abraham and God’s Promise
  • Isaac and His Sons
  • Jacob’s Twelve Sons
  • Joseph in Egypt
  • Baby Moses is Saved
  • And Moses and Pharaoh.

Top 50 Science-Based Bible Lessons - Exploring God's Truth through ScienceDo you want to help kids explore God’s Truth through science? After all, God has created a world of amazing things—water, air, light, the human body. We want to help you teach kids how they can learn more about God by looking at His creation. Featuring more than 200 fun games and activities, the Top 50 Science-Based Bible Lessons merges science facts and Bible truths to show kids God’s greatness.

Lessons are split into the following categories: Light, Air, Earth, Water, Weather, Laws of Nature, Plants, Human Body, Sound, and Electricity. 

This book of Bible lessons starts with 8 lessons on Light. These lessons include:

  • God Creates Light
  • God Creates Stars
  • All Creation is Good
  • God Creates a Rainbow
  • Abraham and the Stars
  • David Admires the Stars
  • Elisha and the Blind Army
  • And Jesus at Creation.


Instant Bible Lessons for Preteens - Equipped for LifeHow can your students apply the Bible’s most important passages to their lives? Use this book to explain how The Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Armor of God, and how more key Bible lessons apply to their lives.

These have been adapted especially for preteens. They will love the variety of activities that match each kid friendly topic!

With every Instant Bible Lessons for Preteens book you get:

  • 8 Bible lessons with extended flexibility (up to 3 hours of material per chapter)
  • An extra chapter full of BONUS ideas and clip art
  • Reproducible/perforated pages that you can use again and again
  • A wide selection of activities to meet the needs and abilities of all preteens
  • And solid bible teaching that appeals to preteen interests!

Instant Bible Lessons for Preteens - Rock Solid FaithGuide preteens to a deeper understanding of the Christian life with these Bible lessons on faith! This book will help you teach about faith, servanthood, witnessing, stewardship. And other important—and joyous—responsibilities of being a Christian.

Packed with cool stories, fun games, discussion questions. Plus, awesome Bible activities (crafts, skits, and creative projects).

Your preteens will learn how to trust in God and develop unshakeable faith!

We adapted our best selling Instant Bible Lessons format to create a series of flexible Bible lessons especially for preteens ages 10-12. 

You’ll also get a chapter full of BONUS ideas and clip art. Also, reproducible/perforated pages that you can use again and again! And enjoy the quick and easy preparation!

We hope these resources help you develop your curriculum in 2022! 

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