Placing an Order

Placing an Order


Can I place my order by phone, fax, or mail?

Absolutely! We understand some folks are still a little nervous about ordering online. With that in mind, we have made a variety of ordering options available to our customers. You can order any of the products you find online by phone, mail, or fax. We will be happy to process your order just as quickly as we'd process an online order.

What if I have an out-of-stock item in my order?

You can always see if an item is in stock on our product detail pages, in the availability section, listed below the item's price. For an item that has yet to be released or is not in stock, we will show an estimated date that the item will be back in stock. If you chose to order an item that is not currently in stock, we will ship all the items in your order that are available immediately and we will ship the backordered items as soon as they become available. Your credit card will not be charged for your backordered items until they leave our warehouse. We will not charge extra if parts of your order ship separately. In addition, if you decide that you do not want an item before it is shipped, you can cancel your order without being charged.

Please note: If UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Next Day Air, or Priority Mail Shipping was chosen on the original order, we reserve the right to ship backordered items by a downgraded shipping method.

How long does an item remain in my shopping cart?

If you are logged into your account when you add an item to your cart, we will keep those items in your shopping cart for future browsing every time you are logged into your account.

In addition, if "cookies" are enabled in the browser that you are accessing the site from, our servers will keep track of those items for up to six months or until you remove them from your cart, whether you are logged in or not.

Can I edit or cancel my order?

It is possible to cancel an order immediately after it is placed. However, because we always try to process orders and shipped them to you as quickly as possible, if you do not edit or cancel your order very soon after it is placed, there is a very good chance that we have already processed it, at which point it is no longer possible to edit or cancel your order.

To check if your order has been processed, you will need to log in to your account and navigate to the Order History section. If the status of your order is "submitted," click on your order number and you will see the option to edit or cancel your order.

Otherwise, during our business hours you may contact us by phone or email and we will let you know if you are still able to edit or cancel your order.

If your order cannot be changed or canceled in time, you can always choose to return an item after receiving it.

Can I get a Bible imprinted if I order online?

Absolutely! When you add a Bible to your shopping cart, you will be asked if you want the item to be imprinted.

Please note: some Bibles are not easily imprintable. For example, certain hardcovers do not imprint well. For these items, we do not offer the option to imprint.

Are prices guaranteed?

It's not uncommon for people to see a price on our site and say, "That's way too low. It can't possibly be correct!" 99.9% of the time they're looking at an example of one of our many rock bottom, hard-to-believe prices--sometimes as much as 90% off retail! However, it has happened that we have displayed a price that is incorrect. In these rare instances, we must reserve the right to not honor these mistakes as they are the computer equivalent of typographical errors. In the vast majority of cases, prices seen on our site are correct and trustworthy.

Upon what currency are your prices based?

All prices are charged in U.S. dollars.