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Shop our bestselling Bible PowerPoint® software for church presentations and Bible studies. Packed with maps, timelines, photos, and charts, these teaching PowerPoint® presentations are great for sermons and are perfect ways to unpack various topics like Church and Bible History, Christian Living, Books of the Bible, and more with just the click of a mouse!

        New Releases

        1. The Exodus - Powerpoint CD-Rom
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          Rose Publishing / 2020 / Compact disc
          Our Price$39.99
        2. Sermon on the Mount--PowerPoint CD-ROM
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          Rose Publishing / 2020 / Compact disc
          Our Price$39.99
        3. Life of Jesus Time Line: 100 Events in the Life of Christ PowerPoint © [Download]This is a digital download product
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          Rose Publishing / 2019 / ZIP Document
          Our Price$19.99 Retail Price$39.99 Save 50% ($20.00)
        4. Attributes of God: PowerPoint CD-ROM
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          Rose Publishing / 2019 / Compact disc
          Our Price$19.99 Retail Price$39.99 Save 50% ($20.00)


        1. Ready-to-Use. Save tons of time by having dozens of pictures, illustrations, and overviews already assembled in one presentation. It automatically comes with printable worksheets, handouts, and slide outlines.

        2. Flexible & Customizable. Whether you're giving a sermon or leading a small group, this PowerPoint® is flexibly organized into clear and natural sections and breaks, allowing you to teach one section or run the entire presentation according to your needs! Plus, there are dozens of full color slides you can use as-is or edit, add, or revise to meet your needs. You control the timing, the speed, and the order of the slides.

        3. Full-Color and Highly Visual. These attractive and highly visual PowerPoint® presentations display lots of key information at a glance in charts, maps, photographs, diagrams, and more.

        4. Simple Summaries. These easy-to-read PowerPoint® teaching presentations are packed with concisely organized and labeled summaries. Quickly unpack information and point to what you need to reference.


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        Sharing PowerPoint® On Video Chat

        You can screenshare our PowerPoint® presentations over Zoom or video chat for your Bible study or sermon! With the PowerPoint® presentation and your video chat open, select the "Screen share" or "Present" function (this will depend on your choice of conferencing software or app.) Then select the PowerPoint® window. You may full screen the presentation for best results. For a more indepth step-by-step, visit our tutorial post on our official blog.

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