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PowerPoints® Rose Publishing is the only publisher of the Then and Now Bible Maps® in PowerPoint® format. These ready-to-use PowerPoints® with Bible maps and time lines contain more than 50 slides, saving hours of time and effort.
  1. Bible Time Line: PowerPoint CD-ROM
    Bible Time Line: PowerPoint CD-ROM
    Rose Publishing / 2009 / Compact disc
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    Stock No: HN363649

See God's hand in history as you survey key people and events from Genesis to Revelation (2200 B.C. to A.D. 100)!Compare Bible, world, and Middle East history side by side * 150 slides of biblical life and culture, maps, and charts * Traces Old Testament connections to Jesus * Reproducible handouts * Digital projector-compatible * Microsoft PowerPoint 2001; Windows 98/00/XP or Macintosh 8.5 * From Rose

  1. Christian History Timeline: PowerPoint CD-ROM
    Christian History Timeline: PowerPoint CD-ROM
    Rose Publishing / 2010 / Compact disc
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    Stock No: HN364097

This ready-to-use PowerPoint is perfect for pastors, teachers, or personal study! The Christian History Times PowerPoint shows 2,000 years of church history at a glance and includes summaries of more than 200 key people and events that all Christians should know. There is a special emphasis on world missions, the expansion of Christianity, and Bible translation into other languages.

Includes historical facts about:

  • The life of Jesus to modern day
  • Christian leaders from Augustine to Billy Graham
  • The spread of Christianity to the spread of Islam
  • The King James Version Bible to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Rose Publishing Product Code: 769X

  1. The Christmas Story: PowerPoint CD-ROM
    The Christmas Story: PowerPoint CD-ROM
    Rose Publishing / 2011 / Compact disc
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    Stock No: HN364580

Do you ever feel overwhelmed during the Christmas season, with presents to buy, parties to plan, and family to visit? Imagine saving hours of preparation-time this Christmas with Rose Publishing's The Christmas Story PowerPoint.
With over 100 PowerPoint slides, featuring mainly scripture references and classic art, this presentation assists you in-

  • sharing the story of Jesus' birth
  • explaining the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies
  • presenting the gospel message
  • celebrating advent
You won't have to worry about adding scripture or replacing blurry art in this presentation, for The Christmas Story PowerPoint features over 60 scripture references from the King James Bible and over 75 full-color, high quality pictures from old masters of art.
Plus, this product's automatic-play feature makes it perfect to show during silent worship and reflection times.
Add this poetically composed and beautifully assembled presentation to your Christmas service, Advent program, and/or study, today.
What is The Christmas Story PowerPoint?
The Christmas Story PowerPoint is a visual teaching aid that assists teachers and/or pastors explain the story of Jesus' birth and the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies through PowerPoint slides (no audio). In other words, The Christmas Story PowerPoint acts as a helpful supplemental resource; it does not take the place of leader's actual instruction.
Special Features:
  • Classic, full-color art
  • Traditional wording from King James Bible
  • Old Testament prophecies and their fulfillments
  • Advent chart, featuring suggestions for Advent celebrations (you can use it for 4 Advent meditations and/or teachings.)
  • Full explanation of Advent's symbolism
    (Including its origin, colors, wreath, and prayer)
  • An optional Christmas program narration script in PDF form
  • Printable handout for Christmas programs
  • Automatic play. Can set this presentation to play automatically during silent worship and/or reflection time without worrying about a distracting audio track.
  • More than 100 slides
  • The Advent of Hope
  • The Advent of Peace
  • The Advent of Joy
  • The Advent of Love
  • Old Testament Prophesies about Jesus and their fulfillment
  • The angelic announcement of John the Baptist's birth
  • Gabriel's visit to Mary
  • Mary and Joseph's Bethlehem journey
  • Jesus' birth
  • Shepherds and Wise Men's visitation
  • The Gospel message
4 Ways to Use This Product
  1. To explain the Christmas story
  2. To show scripture references and art during worship and/or reflection times
  3. To incorporate instructional visuals/slides during Advent celebrations
    (at church or with family)
  4. To read as a script for an Advent/Christmas program
Reasons to Use Visual Aids When programs use visuals (such as PowerPoint), audience members are
  1. More likely to pay attention.
  2. More likely to understand.
  3. More likely to remember.
  4. More likely to feel included.
As you well know, Christmas represents a unique time to witness to unbelievers and to refresh Christians' faith. By using The Christmas Story/ PowerPoint to explain Jesus' birth, you can portray the Christmas message in an educationally effective way.
This Christmas reflect on, remember, and refresh your understanding of the greatest gift of all—Jesus—with The Christmas Story.

Rose Publishing Product Code: 835X

  1. Four Views of the End Times: PowerPoint CD-ROM
    Four Views of the End Times: PowerPoint CD-ROM
    Rose Publishing / 2008 / Compact disc
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    Stock No: HN636014

The events leading up to the return of Jesus Christ are controversial, and many Christians identify with one of four positions: Dispensational Premillennialism, Historical Premillennialism, Amillennialism, or Postmillennialism. The Four Views of the End Times PowerPoint presentation makes the viewpoints and their biblical support easy to understand.
Packed with information regarding what Jesus and Paul taught about the end times, Four Views of the End Times presentation helps you teach through four widely accepted views of the fulfillment of end-times prophecy. Using full-color images and diagrams, this presentation includes key scriptures, definitions of terms, clear explanations, and side-by-side charts.

  • More than 100 slides
  • Diagrams of each view
  • Links to key Bible verses
  • Teach on one part, or on the entire presentation
  • You control timing, speed, and order
  • Mac and PC compatible

Rose Publishing Product Code: 690X

  1. The Statue in the Book of Daniel - PowerPoint CD-ROM
    The Statue in the Book of Daniel - PowerPoint CD-ROM
    Rose Publishing / 2012 / Compact disc
    5 Stars Out Of 5 1 Reviews
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    Stock No: HN364929

By popular demand, here's the PowerPointB. version of the Statue in the Book of Daniel. Using an illustration based on an authentic Babylonian carving, this ready-to-use presentation ventures into the fascinating dream of King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2 and Daniel's vision in Daniel 7. Includes maps of ancient civilizations, a timeline of events and rulers, and a comparison chart help explain the statue's parts and their meaning. Saves hours of time. More than 50 slides.

Rose Publishing Product Code: 125X

  1. The Temple: PowerPoint CD-ROM
    The Temple: PowerPoint CD-ROM
    Rose Publishing / 2009 / Compact disc
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    Stock No: HN363755

This PowerPoint presentation shows beautiful pictures of the Old Testament Temple built by King Solomon and the New Testament Temple where Jesus taught.
Discover how the Old Testament temple forshadowed Jesus, and learn what Jesus and the first Christians said about the temple.
Drawn to Bible measurements, the illustrations show and explain all of the important features:

  • The Ark of the Covenant
  • The veil
  • The Holy Place
  • The Most Holy Place
  • The bronze pillars
  • The Sea
  • The Bronze Altar
  • The cherubim
Other features:
  • More than 100 slides
  • Timeline of key events
  • Steps to peace with God: then and now
  • Illustrations and photos for visual aid
  • Reproducible classroom handouts

Rose Publishing Product Code: 744X

  1. Seven Churches of Revelation--PowerPoint Presentation
    Seven Churches of Revelation--PowerPoint Presentation
    Rose Publishing / 2016 / Compact disc
    5 Stars Out Of 5 1 Reviews
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    Stock No: HN623536

Easily get a fantastic overview of the Seven Churches of Revelation with this ready-to-use PowerPoint® Presentation.

Packed with over 20 full-color charts, simple summaries, and maps, this ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation explains Jesus' message to each of the seven churches and shows key information at a glance! From the faithful church of Philadelphia to the lukewarm congregation of Laodicea, easily see each church's history, strength, weaknesses, and promises with just the click of a mouse. With additional printable resources on studying Revelation, you will discover what each church teaches about standing firm in your faith. Perfect for personal or small group use!

This ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation includes over 130 highly-visual slides that you can edit or add slides to with your PC/Mac. This Seven Churches of Revelation presentation is a perfect addition to any Book of Revelation small group curriculum. Experience the ease of teaching the various Christian views of Revelation through the messages of the seven churches.

Enjoy having these key features at your fingertips

  • Easy-to-understand overview on the seven churches in the Book of Revelation (location, history, life application, and more)
  • Highlights the strengths, faults, and messages for each church from Jesus
  • Features visual tools including quick-reference charts and full-color map
  • Printable PDF files of teacher's notes, worksheets and outlines

Rose Publishing Product Code: 4110X