Names of God

The biblical Names of God show different characteristics of the Lord. God's names reveal his eternal qualities: Strength, righteousness, love. Rose Publishing is the #1 Christian publisher for Names of God books, pamphlets, Bibles studies, and PowerPoints.

  1. Names of God, Pamphlet
    Names of God, Pamphlet
    Rose Publishing / 2003 / Other
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There are many names for God given in the Old Testament, and each has a special blessing for us. Elohim means The All-Powerful One. El Shaddai means The All Sufficient One. Jehovah-Rapha means The Lord Who Heals. This chart shows 21 Old Testament names of God, gives the definition, a scripture reference, and shows how to apply it to our lives today.

50 names of Jesus are presented with Scripture references, meanings, insights, and related titles along with an article about praying in Jesus' name.

  1. Names of the Holy Spirit, Pamphlet
    Names of the Holy Spirit, Pamphlet
    William Ashby
    Rose Publishing / 2008 / Other
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32 Names of the Holy Spirit and where they occur in the Bible are included in this pamphlet with their meanings and applications. Studying the names of the Spirit will help you get a fuller, well-rounded idea of who he is and how he operates and so allow you to worship and serve God in a fuller and richer capacity. Other articles included are: The Trinity, the Spirit and Prayer, the Fruit of the Spirit, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the Gifts of the Holy spirit.