PowerPoint® FAQs

Rose PowerPoint® Presentations


What do I need to have in order to run Rose Publishing PowerPoint® presentations on my computer?

For the best possible performance, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint® 2001 or higher already installed on your computer.

Are these just artistic backgrounds?

No, these are ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentations with 80-350 slides including text, photos and illustrations.

I don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint®, can I view the slides another way?

Microsoft PowerPoint® “Viewer” is available as a free download at Microsoft.com. On the Mac, the Keynote app displays PowerPoint® presentations as well. In addition, there are many free open source applications that will view PowerPoint® presentations. Google Docs is an example.

Can I view a Rose PowerPoint® Presentation on my smartphone, iPod, iPad or Creative Media player?

iPhone – Yes, there are Apps available for the iPhone that will display PowerPoint® Presentations, search for PowerPoint® on the App Store in iTunes

iPod Photo & the Creative Media Player - You can export the slides as JPEG files from PowerPoint® and view them as a slideshow

iPad - Yes you can use a variety of apps to do this including Keynote, however we cannot guarantee that all our PowerPoint® presentations will run as they were intended to run in PowerPoint®

Smartphones - You can’t actually run your PPT files directly but you can convert your PPTs to an appropriate format such as MP4, a common video format for various mobile device. There are converters available around the web, such as PPTMovie.

What do I need to have in order to view and print the notes, handouts, booklet, or catalog?

Your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader® 4.0 or higher. If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® you can download a free copy of the software by following these instructions:

Go to http://get.adobe.com/reader/ Follow the directions as they appear on Adobe's web site to download the Reader. This will allow you to read the worksheets, handouts, and Rose catalog. For technical support, call Adobe at (800) 833-6687.

I have Microsoft PowerPoint® 2001 or newer, but my presentation still does not work effectively. What do I do?

If this happens, exit out of all programs. Open Microsoft PowerPoint®, and open the Rose presentation by clicking on the File menu, click Open, and select the Rose PowerPoint® presentation.

Do the Rose PowerPoint® presentations have videos and/or music along with the graphics and information provided?

Currently, Rose PowerPoint® presentations are for teaching use only. They provide the instructor with teacher’s notes, student handouts, and well-researched, informative information along with related paintings, photographs, and illustrations. For this reason, videos and music are not provided.

Do I need to have an LCD projector in order to show my presentations to the rest of the class?

A LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projector, projects the image from your computer onto a screen for classroom viewing. For a more inexpensive route, you can display these PowerPoint® presentations on your computer monitor on your television screen by using a PC-to-TV converter. Rose Publishing does not provide either the LCD projector or the PC-to-TV converter.

I can open the presentation, however, none of the hyperlinks work.

The hyperlinks work only while a slide show is running—not while you are in normal view or slide sorter view. Click the slide show button.

Will the Rose Publishing PowerPoint® presentation work in my TV's DVD player?

The Rose Publishing PowerPoint® presentations are all on a CD-ROM and will only work in a computer. Currently there are no Rose Publishing slide shows available as DVDs.

Will my Rose Publishing PowerPoint® presentation work on any kind of computer?

The minimum requirements for PCs are: Windows 7 or newer: Microsoft PowerPoint® 2007 or newer.

The minimum requirements for Macs are: Mac OS 10.12 or newer: Microsoft PowerPoint® 2008 for Macintosh or newer.

Am I allowed to add my own information to the Rose PowerPoint® presentations?

The Rose Publishing PowerPoint® presentation is copyrighted. You may edit the presentation for face-to-face classroom instruction. You may include Rose slides in your own face-to-face presentations. However, if you wish to duplicate the presentation, email it or post it on a web site, you are required to pay an additional fee. See our PowerPoint® permission page by clicking here or contact Copyright Clearance Center. Keep in mind that editing the Rose PowerPoint® presentation may damage any hyperlinks preprogrammed in the original presentation. Without explicit written permission, sales and/or distribution of your edited version or any presentation that includes Rose slides, will be considered a copyright violation.

Can I screenshare this PowerPoint® Presentation over Zoom or video chat for my Bible study or sermon?

Yes. With the PowerPoint® presentation and your video chat open, select the "Screen share" or "Present" function (this will depend on your choice of conferencing software or app.) Then select the PowerPoint® window. You may full screen the presentation for best results. For a more indepth step-by-step, visit our tutorial post on our official blog.