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Dedicated Email Blast

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Cost Per Blast, Based On # of Blasts Booked

*Smaller distributions are a random select of the entire list. We cannot select based on geography or leadership position.

Rose’s e-Blast subscribers... at a glance:

  • 225,000 subscribers
  • 8-10% average open rate (unique reads.)
  • 8 to 10% average click-through rate on unique reads.*
  • Goes directly to: senior pastors, pastors, directors of Christian education, youth pastors, church staff, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, Bible study leaders, elders, deacons, and volunteers.
  • Sent on Wednesdays


  • Advertiser provides full HTML and subject line according to our specs and our design guidelines.
  • Send all copy and art files two weeks prior to broadcast date.
  • Files not meeting our specs will be charged $75/hr to correct.
  • Text, copy and all graphics should arrive two (2) weeks prior to scheduled broadcast date in order to maintain scheduled broadcast date. Late art or changes received less than one (1) week prior to the deployment date will be subject to a $100 late fee.

*Clicks are recorded by Google Analytics tracking provided by the advertiser in their html.

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Get measurable direct response with our Church Leader e-blast list. With over 225,000 current subscribers, we believe we have one of the best church leader lists on the market.

We are not a general commercialized rental list. As an established Christian Publisher, Rose Publishing serves loyal subscribers who trust our brand and who come to us looking to buy - leading to higher open rates and higher click through rates.