Rose Visual Bible Study Books

These Bible studies are packed with full-color visuals that show key information at a glance! With their easy-to-use format - read it, know it, explore it, and live it - these 6-week inductive studies are perfect for gaining deeper insight into God's Word.

Study Books

Based on the recognized excellence of Rose's visual elements, Rose Visual Bible Studies are packed with charts, graphs, images, and fascinating facts. These Bible studies are easy enough that the new believer understands, but in-depth enough that the longtime churchgoer still comes away learning something new. Features include:

  • Short, concise lessons for people with busy lives, as well as an optional reading plan for people with more time who want to go deeper.
  • Leader's guide is contained within each study guide, so no extra book purchase is required.
  • Discussion questions for each session and lots of space for writing.


Perfect for your tablet, Kindle, mobile phone, or e-reader, take these highly visual Bible studies wherever you go!

Discover 4 Key Features to Help You Dig Deeper into Scripture

  1. Features

1. Imagine Having Charts, Maps, and Pictures, INSIDE Your Bible Study.

Visuals are not just sprinkled on the side or in the back. Each guide is packed with over a dozen charts, maps, time lines, pictures or diagrams, helping you see key information at a glance.

Unlike other Bible studies which are mainly text, Rose's full-color visual Bible studies feature:

  • Charts
  • Time lines
  • Bible maps
  • Labeled diagrams
  • Full-color pictures
  • And more!
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2. In-depth 6-Session Bible Studies

You want more than a surface-level reading of the Bible. You want depth. Deepen your understanding of Scripture with these 6-session guides.
Each session is in-depth, yet easy-to-understand as it covers the historical context, meaning, and application of Scripture. Includes lots of space for writing!

Get a solid understanding of each topic as you dig deeper with easy-to-follow format:

  • Introduction: Context
  • Read It: Key verses
  • Know It: Study questions
  • Explore It: Visuals
  • Live It: Life application
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3. Practical Tools That Help You Dig Deeper

For each session, it provides multiple ways to engage, explore, and ultimately apply Scripture to your life, including reflection questions, activities, and more.

Discover how to effectively apply God's Word with:

  • 5-7 thought-provokingĀ application questions
  • Journaling and quizzes to personalize the information
  • Overviews and practical steps
  • And more!
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4. Anyone Can Lead These Studies!

It automatically comes with a leader guide in the back, which includes tips, preparation guides, step-by-step instructions, and even "do's and don'ts" for leaders!

It even includes flexible timing options for whether you want your study to be 30, 60, or 90 minutes long.