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We’re excited to bring you a FREE online Bible study from The Last Days of Jesus starting February 21st! Based on Rose’s best-selling DVD, this Bible study will deepen your understanding of key Easter events from Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem to His glorious resurrection!

We’re making all 6 video sessions available for FREE to those who sign up. If you register now, you’ll receive additional bonus material, including:

  • The first chapter of The Last Days of Jesus participant’s guide
  • The first chapter of The Last Days of Jesus leader’s guide

The Online Bible Study begins February 21. Participants will receive access to a new video along with study materials each week through April 5th.

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Walk with Jesus Through the Main Events Before His Death

Easter is more than just 1 event. Days before Jesus died on the cross, the story of Easter already began unfolding.

Enjoy having a solid overview on all key events leading up to Jesus' resurrection with this FREE Bible study taken from Rose's Last Days of Jesus DVD study.

Instead of simply describing the events of Easter, this DVD study takes it a step further by beginning each session in Israel, making it easier to understand the cultural background of each Easter event, including:

  • Palm Sunday
  • The Last Supper
  • Jesus' Trial and Death
  • Jesus' Resurrection
  • And more!

Featuring in-depth cultural insights from top Bible scholars and practical applications, this 6-session FREE online Bible study will help you dive into the behind-the-scenes truth of the main events of Jesus' death.

Plus you’ll receive these two BONUS Downloads

Designed to accompany the DVD study, The Last Days of Jesus Participant Guide provides an outline of the video teaching with room for notes, and includes photos, maps, additional information, and 6 personal Bible study guides after each lesson.

Free Resources

  • The first chapter of The Last Days of Jesus participant’s guide

  • The first chapter of The Last Days of Jesus leader’s guide

“This is an articulate and in-depth Bible study that brings Scripture to life. The imagery displayed in the videos and the audible reading of Scripture enables the listener to place themselves in the scenario.”

—Tessa, Online Customer Review

Study Start Date

  • Session One - From Warrior to Servant: Jesus the Messiah
  • Session Two - A Glimpse of Glory: The Transfiguration
  • Session Three - The Rejected King: The Triumphal Entry
  • Session Four - Love to the Full: The Last Supper
  • Session Five - The Ultimate Victory: The Trial and Death of Jesus
  • Session Six - The Death of Death: The Resurrection of Jesus

Who Is This Study For?

  • An individual wanting to dig deeper into God’s Word and get an in-depth look at the week leading up to Easter and the prophecies Jesus fulfilled.

  • A small group leader looking for solid, biblical teaching, along with practical application to challenge and inspire your group members.

  • A pastor or ministry leader looking for a way to engage your entire church in a powerful, faith-building study for Easter.

About the Deeper Connections Series

We all know Christians who are bored with Bible study—not because the Bible is boring, but because they haven’t been introduced to its meaning in its first-century context and how that is significant for our lives today.

When we begin to understand some of these “deeper connections”—both to the first century and to the twenty-first century—our lives are transformed.

The Deeper Connections Series seeks to remedy this by creating a Bible study series that was written and taught by biblical experts who could also communicate that material in a clear, practical, understandable manner.

Don’t be scared by the word “deeper”—deeper does not mean that these studies are hard to understand. It simply means that we are attempting to get at the true meaning of the Bible. The series does that by teaching you about:

  • The historical, religious, and social background of the Bible
  • First-century Jewish culture
  • First-century Greek culture
  • First-century Roman culture

After making deeper connections to Scripture, you can apply that to your life. In this series, the practical application derives directly out of the Bible and will transform your life.