Free Joshua Chronology eChart & Map


Joshua led God’s people into rest in the promised land. Jesus leads his follower into rest in the new creation. How else did the Joshua prepare the way for Christ? Find out with this week's free eChart!

Covering 1400 BC to 1100 BC, see the sequence of key events, trace new testament connections, identify prophetic links to Jesus, spot people from Jesus' genealogy, and more with this free labeled chronology chart! This week's free eChart features:

  • Labeled full‐color chronology chart (1400 BC — 1100 BC)
  • Full‐color map labeled with Joshua's key battles
  • Easy‐to‐read summary of Joshua chapters 1–24 with key events, places, and people
  • and more!

This week's free eChart a few pages out of the new 178‐page reference guide, Rose Chronological Guide to the Bible.

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