Free Abraham Forshadowed Jesus eChart & Discussion Plan

One man is called the "Father of Father." The other is the "perfecter of faith." Easily compare the lives of Abraham and Jesus at a glance with this week's FREE eChart.

Packed with simple summaries and key scripture verses, this week's eChart includes an incredible comparison chart showing the 6 key ways Abraham's life foreshadowed the coming of Christ. This free eChart includes:

  • Abram's call to leave his home of Ur.
  • Full‐color map showing the route Abraham took as he traveled hundreds of miles from Ur to Canaan.
  • Chart showing how Abraham foreshadowed Jesus
  • 12‐day discussion guide to use with Life of Abraham pamphlet. Perfect for individual or small group use.

This free eChart is just a small portion of Rose's Life of Abraham Pamphlet!

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