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Packed with MORE charts, maps, and time lines than the original, this expanded edition includes new features and updated information that will add depth to any Bible study, and make it easier to explain the Bible to others!

Volumes 1-3 $49.99 (Reg. $89.97)

  1. Rose Book of Bible Maps, Charts, & Time Lines Set - Volumes 1-3
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    Rose Book of Bible Maps, Charts, & Time Lines Set - Volumes 1-3
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Enjoy the best-selling Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines, 10th Anniversary Edition expanded with new charts, upgraded maps highlighting modern-day cities and countries, and up-to-date facts and statistics! Includes 216 reproducible pages of illustrations, charts, and maps on a variety of Bible topics, with two fold-outs of the genealogy of Jesus, cutaway Tabernacle illustration and Bible Time Line.

  <p>Perfect for Sunday school, homeschool,   pastors, and teachers, the <em>Rose Book of   Bible Charts Volume 2</em> is also great for   personal Bible study! Includes "Bible   Translations Comparison Chart," "Heroes of the   Old Testament," "Women of the Bible," "Life of   Paul," "Christ in the Old Testament," "Christ   in the Passover," "Names of Jesus,"   "Beatitudes," "Lord's Prayer," "Worldviews   Comparison," and more!</p>    <p>The <em>Rose Book Of Bible Charts Volume   3</em> includes more than 220 additional   reproducible charts, photographs, maps, and   handouts. Topics include spiritual gifts; the   lives of Esther and David; the parables of   Jesus; the attributes of God; and more. Perfect   for busy people who want hundreds of facts at a   glance.</p>

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