How We Got the Bible DVD Study

From Moses to Gutenberg, find out how we got the Bible and why we can trust the Bible’s reliability with this all-inclusive, 6-session Bible history DVD study.

Find out how to easily answer popular questions about the Bible’s reliability and the Bible’s history with this all-inclusive How We Got the Bible DVD Study! With simple storytelling and a sense of humor, this Bible history video curriculum is perfect for adults and highschoolers. It is packed with the fascinating stories of Tyndale, Wycliffe, King James, and more!

  1. How We Got The Bible - DVD Curriculum
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    How We Got The Bible - DVD Curriculum
    Timothy Paul Jones
    Rose Publishing / 2015 / Other
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Have you ever wondered who wrote the books in your Bible and how they ended up together? Has anyone ever told you that some books were cut out of the Bible or that the stories of Jesus in the Gospels can't be trusted? Through these six sessions, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones will answer your questions about how we got the Bible. Kit Components:

  • DVD with six 25-35 minute sessions
  • Leader Guide (printed and digital copy)
  • Participant Guide (printed) with session outlines, discussion and application questions, key terms and definitions, and extra information about important topics.
  • Reference handbook, How We Got the Bible
  • Fold-out time line of the history of the Bible
  • Ready-to-use PowerPoint ® with 100+ slides
  • CD-ROM with printable PDFs of promotional posters, banners, fliers, handouts and bulletin inserts

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