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Sam Adler

Meet Your Teacher:
Sam Nadler, Host of Feasts of the Bible Study

Sam Nadler is president of Word of Messiah Ministries, an outreach which develops leaders for world-wide impact for the gospel among the Jewish People. He served as president of Chosen People Ministries and started the Jews for Jesus outreach in New York City. Sam is a Jewish believer in Jesus who was brought up in an Orthodox Jewish home in Queens, New York. As he began looking at the Old Testament prophecies, they seemed to point to Jesus as the Messiah. He soon came to faith in Jesus and realized his Jewishness wasn't just some accident of nature, but that God had a plan and purpose, not only for the Jewish people as a whole, but for Sam personally. He received a doctoral degree from Southern Evangelical Seminary and has authored several books including Messiah in the Feasts of Israel, The Messianic Answer Book, Feasts of the Bible and devotional commentaries on Jonah and Ruth.

Feasts of the Old Testament from a Messianic Jewish Perspective
Gain new insights into the feasts and holy days of the Bible from the Messianic Jewish view in the Feasts of the Bible video study. Samuel Nadler gives you both the biblical background and the cultural background of these special days. His unique insights into Judaism at the time of Jesus help viewers discover how Jesus fulfills the symbolism of Old Testament feasts.

"Sam Nadler's approach and teaching style bring to life in a clear way how the Lord's Feasts point to the Jewish Messiah. The group I'm involved with for this study are very impressed with Sam Nadler's passion for bringing these interesting teachings to anyone who desires to learn more about the Lord's appointed Feasts."
- Amazon customer review