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"Sam Nadler is one of today's most solid Messianic Jewish teachers. He brings fascinating insights without losing sight of major scriptural truths. He is doctrinally sound and yet calls for Christians to look afresh for new discoveries in the Word. And he demonstrates with undeniable clarity how the Feasts and Holy Days of Israel are of importance to the Church today, indeed, how they are ultimately witnesses to Yeshua the Messiah. If you are looking for practical, edifying, and enlightened teaching on this important topic, look no further."
- Dr. Michael L. Brown, author, Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus

"Dr. Sam Nadler is amazing! I was suddenly swept away by the magnificent symbolism and vibrant truths the feasts portray. His perspective as a Jewish believer brought up in a traditional [orthodox Jewish] home made the Old Testament Feasts come alive as never before. His insight and attention to detail is phenomenal. We could have guessed it was all about Jesus Christ? Compelling, enlightening, and powerful teaching!"
- Dave Weeden, Producer and Director of The King is Coming telecast

"When you understand the biblical appointments (feasts), your depth of intimacy with God will greatly increase."
- Sid Roth, Host, It's Supernatural! Television

"Dr. Sam Nadler loves the word of God and the people of God and it becomes clear as he guides the Christ follower through what is often a misunderstood and overlooked part of God's incredible plan for His people. Seeing Christ in the Feasts of Israel with impact and enlighten you as to the past, present and most importantly, the future!"
- Dr. Gary D. Frazier, President
Discovery Missions International

"We teach church seminars on the history and importance of understanding the New Covenant of Jesus Christ and the Tabernacle of Moses; and we were thrilled to discover this new resource. Dr. Nadler gives a clear and concise explanation of how Jesus fulfilled every aspect of the Hebrew feasts. His presentations can be easily understood by novice, serious Bible student, or theologian. We can't wait for more.

Rose publishing has put together a great package which provides every resource needed for publicizing and presenting this subject to small groups or large. We can't recommend it enough."
- Dr Ron & Rev. Tonia Woolever -- Shammah Ministries -- Azle, Texas

"Everything God has ever done has meaning, layers of meaning. . . and purpose. To learn His meanings and purpose is to know God Himself better. What in all eternity is more important than that? My personal thanks to Dr. Sam Nadler."
- Pat Boone