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Transform your relationship with money from one of fear and dread to trust and joy with the biblical step-by-step system in Whole Heart Finances. Enjoy getting a practical, easy-to-use model for saving, spending, and managing your money. Author and professor Dr. Shane Enete will lead you through the proven steps to:
  • Invite Jesus into your financial life
  • Create a budget that actually works
  • Raise your credit score and eliminate debt
  • Achieve your goals for giving, saving, and investing
Who Is Whole Heart Finances For?

Whole Heart Finances will show you that your finances can be an opportunity for deep, responsive worship as you consider the abundant generosity of Jesus in your life. Whether you’ve just opened your first checking account or are in retirement, it’s never too early or too late to get on the right track with money. Perhaps you consider money and faith to be separate, the two only crossing paths when/if you tithe. We all have blind spots with our finances—whether it’s debt, not spending, or overspending—and it’s never too late to course-correct.

How Do I Use Whole Heart Finances?

What if you could live your life with a generous mindset, peace about your budget and goals, and confidence about financial habits?

Do you find yourself exhausted and stressed from out-of-control spending, growing debt, or the constant need to manage your finances? You're not alone. Americans consistently list money as their number one source of anxiety. Dr. Shane Enete offers a refreshing approach to financial management and guides you through:
  • Practical tools to tackle debt, build financial resilience, and spend with your whole heart
  • 3 keys to Christian stewardship and a quiz to uncover your “money personality” (value seeker, big spender, non-spender, or experiencer)
  • 8 “giving systems” to make your generosity more effective (and exciting!)
  • And much more!
Whether you read this book alone, with your small group, on a weekly basis, daily for a month, or once every year, Whole Heart Finances will help you meet important goals for saving, knocking out debt, and generosity that can happen if you take action with these easy practical steps.

Key Features of Whole Heart Finances: A Practical Guide to Jesus-Centered Money Management:
  • Biblical: Unlike other financial guides that start with worldly wisdom and sprinkle in biblical references, Whole Heart Finances provides an easy step-by-step process rooted in Christ. Transform your relationship with money alongside a rich view of your identity in Christ.
  • Practical and Step-by-Step: Enjoy simple frameworks to reset your finances to align with your faith. With a complete checklist of 15 steps to tackle debt, build a future, and set up a giving plan, you'll have everything you need to take control of your finances.
  • Easy-to-Understand: Say goodbye to complicated terminology and confusing money models. Whole Heart Finances makes it easy to grasp essential financial concepts and apply them to your life.
  • Flexible: Whether you're reading alone, with your spouse, or with a church or small group, Whole Heart Finances offers flexible ways to apply its wealth of knowledge.
Whole Heart Finances Answers Common Questions

Discover how bringing your whole heart to Jesus in financial decision-making can lead to deep, responsive worship. Say goodbye to financial anxiety and embrace a life rich with generosity and solid financial habits. The principles presented in this book will help you answer the following questions and more:
  • How can getting out of debt and tracking my expenses help grow my relationship with Jesus?
  • What does the Bible say about debt (besides that it’s bad) and what can I do about it?
  • What is a credit score and why does God care?
  • How can I use the tools of saving and investing to maximize generous giving?
Stop letting money be the master of your emotions, choices, and life—take control of your finances with Whole Heart Finances and experience what happens when Jesus comes first and you “lack no good thing.” Perfect for church classes, small groups, and personal use.

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