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Product Description

When a person becomes a Christian, he/she gets a new name and a new identity in Christ.

The Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet reminds what God has done through His Son, Jesus Christ, and includes a list of God’s new names for you.

Your New Identity in Christ — 30 New Names for Christians

You can live with confidence and hope because you have a new identity in Christ.
  • You are Forgiven
  • You are Beloved
  • You are Alive
  • You are Chosen
  • You are Accepted
  • ...and so many more
Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet Shows 6 Ways God Created You To Be
  • I am a creature crafted by God
  • I am known by God
  • I am made for worship
  • ...and more
Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet Shows 8 Calamities God Rescued You From

This is a list of how you used to be.
  • I was broken forever - Romans 3:10-18
  • I was living my life for myself - Eph. 2:3
  • I was dead - Eph. 2:1
  • I was a mess - Romans 7
  • ...and more.
Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet: Explains Your New Identity in Jesus
  • Your 30 new names and identity in Christ.
  • Explanation of each name or title
  • Bible reference for your new name in Jesus Christ
Size: Fits inside most Bibles, 14 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long.

Ways to Use This Who I Am in Christ Pamphlet

Personal Use
  • Personal Worship
  • Journaling and Time Alone with God
Group Use
  • Adults Sunday School Classes
  • Bible Studies
  • Discipleship and Mentoring
  • Biblical and Pastoral Counseling
  • Recovery/addiction groups
  • Divorce Recovery groups
  • Hospital and Hospice Work

Product Details