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Discover what you need to know about all 12 tribes of Israel at a glance! See each tribe’s symbol (like the “Lion of Judah”), meaning, history, and other fascinating facts all on one beautiful wall chart!

From the Tribe of Levi who served in the Tabernacle to the Tribe of Judah who led the march to the promised land, each tribe has its own history, land, and heritage. Enjoy having a quick overview of each tribe at your fingertips and easily see its size, symbol, and backstory at a glance! Covers the tribe of Reuben, Levi, Judah, Joseph, Benjamin, and more! Whether you hang this beautiful poster up in your church hallway, post it up in your Sunday School room, or hold it up while you teach, this stunning visual aid will add depth to any Old Testament study.

The Twelve Tribes Bible Study Wall Chart Includes Key Information About the Israelites, Including:
  • An overview of each of the Twelve Tribes (symbols, name meanings, stone color, and scriptural reference)
  • 1,500-year time line that illustrates the history of the Israel starting with Abraham
  • An easy-to-read map clearly displaying how the Promised land was divided among the sons of Jacob and their tribes
  • 4 fully reproducible and printable worksheets for Bible lessons and much more!
3 Key Features of this Twelve Tribes of Israel Poster

1. Easy-to-See Size and Laminated for Durability

Full color, large Bible wall chart for Bible study, Sunday school or Summer Bible School use. Size: 19.5” x 26”. Printed on heavy chart paper, and laminated front and back with high quality 3 mil lamination. Perfect for use with water-soluble markers. Rolls for easy storage.

2. Clearly & Beautifully Displays Each of the Twelve Tribes

Quickly get an overview of all 12 Tribes and the roles they played in Israel’s history! Get insight on the meanings of their symbols and scriptural references to highlight God’s plan for His people.

3. Easily Teach Your Sunday School with 4 Reproducible Printable Worksheets

Make your teaching completely interactive with these easy-to-use reproducible worksheets that are highly visual and filled with charts and discussion questions! With the push of a button on your copier, engage your Sunday school in what makes the High Priest’s functions and garments so important to learning about God’s purpose for worship! Worksheets cover:
  • The Twelve Tribes of Israel Printable Chart
  • Map: The Twelve Tribes in the Promised Land
  • Twelve Tribes of Israel: Historical Time Line
  • Activity: Match the Tribe or Son with Their Description

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