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How can you experience the abudant life Jesus died for? What are we supposed to do when the new life Jesus promised doesn't turn out the way we expected? The Life of Jesus DVD study, the 4th released DVD in the Deeper Commection series, invites you to see the behind-the-scenes truth of kep events of Jesus' life. Six professors with specialized areas of knowledge emphasizes three components: 1) Historical and cultural background; 2) An engaging, close look at the biblical text and its meaning; 3) An accurate, encouraging and challenging application of the Bible's message to us today. This is unlike other DVD studies available! Each session begins in Israel, making it easier to experience and understand the cultural background of key events from Jesus' life. Session Overview: 1. Birthday Surprise: Jesus' Birth 2. John Prepares the Way: Baptism of Jesus 3. The Victorious Son of God: Temptation of Jesus 4. Fishing with the master: Jesus Calls the Disciples 5. Disease Conquered: Jesus Heals the Sick 6. Defeating the Enemy: Jesus Casts Out Demons Deeper Connections Series - Unlike any other Bible study available, this visually stunning DVD series is written and taught by biblical experts --six professors with specialized areas of knowledge. This DVD includes an introduction from Israel and was filmed in diverse locations such as the Rocky Mountains, downtown Chicago and the Arizona desert.

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