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The Christmas Story Put in Context: Over 7 Old Testament Prophecies Explained

Do you ever feel overwhelmed during the Christmas season, with presents to buy, parties to plan, and family to visit? Imagine saving hours of preparation-time this Christmas with Rose Publishing’s The Christmas Story PowerPoint.

With over 100 PowerPoint slides, featuring mainly scripture references and classic art, this presentation assists you in:
  • sharing the story of Jesus’ birth
  • explaining the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies
  • presenting the gospel message
  • celebrating advent
You won’t have to worry about adding scripture or replacing blurry art in this presentation, for The Christmas Story PowerPoint features over 60 scripture references from the King James Bible and over 75 full-color, high quality pictures from old masters of art.

Add this poetically composed and beautifully assembled presentation to your Christmas service, Advent program, and/or study, today.

What Exactly is The Christmas Story PowerPoint?

The Christmas Story PowerPoint is a visual teaching aid that assists teachers and/or pastors explain the story of Jesus’ birth and the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies through PowerPoint slides (no audio). In other words, The Christmas Story PowerPoint acts as a helpful supplemental resource; it does not take the place of leader’s actual instruction.

Special Features:
  • Classic, full-color art
  • Traditional wording from King James Bible
  • Old Testament prophecies and their fulfillments
  • Advent chart, featuring suggestions for Advent celebrations (you can use it for 4 Advent meditations and/or teachings.)
  • Full explanation of Advent’s symbolism (Including its origin, colors, wreath, and prayer)
  • An optional Christmas program narration script in PDF form
  • Printable handout for Christmas programs
  • Automatic play. Can set this presentation to play automatically during silent worship and/or reflection time without worrying about a distracting audio track.
  • More than 100 slides
  • The Advent of Hope
  • The Advent of Peace
  • The Advent of Joy
  • The Advent of Love
  • Old Testament Prophesies about Jesus and their fulfillment
  • The angelic announcement of John the Baptist’s birth
  • Gabriel’s visit to Mary
  • Mary and Joseph’s Bethlehem journey
  • Jesus’ birth
  • Shepherds and Wise Men’s visitation
  • The Gospel message
4 Ways to Use This Product
  1. To explain the Christmas story
  2. To show scripture references and art during worship and/or reflection times
  3. To incorporate instructional visuals/slides during Advent celebrations (at church or with family)
  4. To read as a script for an Advent/Christmas program
4 Reasons Why You Should Use Visual Aids

When programs use visuals (such as PowerPoint), audience members are
  1. More likely to pay attention.
  2. More likely to understand.
  3. More likely to remember.
  4. More likely to feel included.
As you well know, Christmas represents a unique time to witness to unbelievers and to refresh Christians’ faith. By using The Christmas Story PowerPoint to explain Jesus’ birth, you can portray the Christmas message in an educationally effective way.

This Christmas reflect on, remember, and refresh your understanding of the greatest gift of all—Jesus—with The Christmas Story.

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