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Have you become sidetracked in your thinking? Has your attention been so centered on what spiritual leaders or the church will think of you and expect from you that you’ve lost focus on what God thinks? Perhaps you’ve unintentionally confused pulpit persuasions with direction from God’s Word.

Spiritual abuse—whether through twisting scripture or threatening behavior—inflicts emotional pain and blocks spiritual growth. It is one of the most common forms of abuse in the church today and often goes undetected, masking itself as “truth from a man of God.” In Spiritual Abuse, find out how to recognize the signs of spiritual abuse and how to know when others are using the Word of God to manipulate you (and others). You will learn how to
  • Recognize warning signs of spiritual abuse
  • Distinguish between law and grace
  • Biblically answer legalistic arguments
  • Move from spiritual death to spiritual life

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