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Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy is an explanation of end-times prophecy and the Book of Revelation from several Christian viewpoints. Bible prophecy says that Jesus will come again, and Christians have wondered for centuries when and how that would take place.

Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy Includes Book of Revelation Charts and More than 50 Charts, Diagrams, and Illustrations

Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy includes all of the basic end-time prophecy charts Christians need to navigate the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel, and other prophetic Bible passages:

  • Book of Revelation Charts
  • 4 Views of the End Times Comparison Chart
  • Comparison Charts and Eschatology Charts of
    • Amillennialism
    • Dispensational Premillennialism
    • Historical Premillennialism
    • Postmillennialism
  • Bible Dispensational Chart and Dispensationalism Time Line
  • Overview of all of the key Bible Prophecy passages
  • Definitions and explanations of all key words and concepts, such as end times, rapture, dispensations, book of Revelation, apocalypse, and more.

This book is packed full of full-color Bible prophecy charts and eschatology charts and is fully reproducible. Just photocopy these Revelation charts for your Bible study, adult Sunday school class, or use as small group curriculum. This book explains each view of the end times, so that you know what you believe and why.

The Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy Helps You Know WHY You Believe What You Believe About Bible Prophecy—and the Book of Revelation

This overview of Bible prophecy is an easy-to-understand book that examines key portions of Scripture and shows different ways that Christians have interpreted them. This handy end-times explanation includes several timelines of the events before the second coming of Jesus Christ. This book includes those end-times prophecies charts, and helps people understand their own beliefs better, no matter which view they hold.

End-Times Prophecies Charts Included

End-Times Charts: Introduction

These end-times prophecy charts give a starting point—an introduction to the topic of Bible prophecy and how to understand it.

  • Chart of Two Common and Opposite Errors When Studying the End Times
  • List of End-Times Prophecies and Prophets Who Were Wrong
  • 4 Reasons to Study the End Times
  • 3 Ways to Interpret the Bible
  • 4 Types of Apocalyptic Literature
  • 5 Examples of Apocalyptic Writings in the Bible: How is it Different from the Rest of the Bible?

What Christians Agree About the End Times

Christians may not agree on details about the end of the world, but they do agree on some key issues. This section explains where Christians agree and where they interpret biblical passages differently.

  • Chart of Essential Beliefs: First-Order Issues, Second-Order Issues, Third-Order Issues
  • 3 Essential Truths About the End Times that Christians Have Always Believed
  • 12 Keys Terms to Help You Understand the End Times
  • Definition and explanation of Dispensational, Covenental, New Covenental Views
  • Definition and explanation of Futurist, Historicist, Idealist, and Preterist Approaches
  • Definition and explanation of Amillennial, Postmillennial, Dispensational Premillennial, and Historical Premillennial views

Comparison Charts on the Book of Revelation

Some parts of the Bible, including the Book of Revelation were written in the apocalyptic style. Apocalyptic Literature is defined as Jewish literature presented in the form of vision that figuratively revealed hidden truths for the purpose of assuming God's people of the goodness of God's plans during times of persecution.

  • 4 Approaches to the Book of Revelation: Futurist, Historicist, Idealist, and Preterist
  • Detailed Comparison Chart of 21 Key Passages from the Book of Revelation

Comparison Charts about the New Jerusalem

The comparisons between the Garden of Eden in Genesis and God's Holy City in Revelation are fascinating. The beauty and splendor of the renewed creation, with God dwelling in the midst, closes the circle from Paradise in the Garden to the Holy City in the new heavens and new earth.

  • The Heavenly Kingdom Compared to the Garden of Eden (The Original Creation in Genesis vs. the Renewed Creation in Revelation)
  • Rivers and Trees and God's Presence: Comparison Chart of the Garden in Genesis with the Holy City in Revelation
  • Comparison Chart of Adam and Jesus: Where Adam Failed, Jesus Succeeded

God's Covenant with Abraham: The Abrahamic Covenant in the Bible

God made many promises to Abraham: to make a great nation from his descendants, to give his descendants the land of Canaan, and to make him a father of many nations. These comparison charts explain 3 ways that Christians see the fulfillment of those promises.

  • God's Promises to Abraham about Offspring, Land, and the Blessing
  • God's Covenant with Abraham Chart: Compare Dispensational, Covenental, New Covenental Views

Old Testament End-Times Prophecy Charts

Jesus drew deeply on the Old Testament when he spoke about the end times. His listeners knew the Scriptures, especially the expectations and images associated with the end of the world.

  • Chart: What Kind of Kingdom Did the Old Testament Prophecy Predict?
  • 4 Views of the Kingdom of God Chart
  • Explanation of "Multiple Fulfillments"
  • What was the Day of the Lord?: Chart Comparing the Prophets' Teachings
  • The Tabernacle, the Temple, and the Ark of the Covenant in History, Prophecy, and the End Times
  • 4 Views of Ezekiel's Temple Chart

Bible Prophecy Charts on the Book of Daniel

About 600 years before Jesus was born, Daniel was a prophet in Babylonia. He was brought before King Nebuchadnezzar to interpret a dream that involved a statue with a head of fine gold, chest and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, and legs and feet of iron and clay. That dream indicated the kingdoms that would occupy Daniel's homeland of Judah.

  • Statue in the Book of Daniel Chart and Explanation
  • King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream and Daniel's Vision of the Beasts Chart
  • Chart comparing views of Daniel's 70 Weeks: The Anointed One and the Ruler Yet to Come

New Testament End-Times Prophecy Charts

Bible Prophecy Charts On Jesus' Teachings

Jesus taught a lot about the end times. He called himself Messiah, the Anointed One, and he claimed to bring the Kingdom. He was the rightful prophet, priest, and king. Jesus' words about the end of the world are key to understanding Bible prophecy.

  • Why Did People Miss Jesus as the Promised Messiah?
  • Messiah: The Meaning of Oil and Anointing in the Bible
  • 4 Reasons People Couldn't See Who Jesus Was
  • Jesus' Key Teachings
    • Jesus Will Return
    • No One Know When Jesus Will Return
    • There Will be a Final Judgment
  • Jesus' Teachings in the Olivet Discourse: The tribulation, the Antichrist, the return of the Son of Man to earth, the Temple destroyed, famine, earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars, the signs and the birth pangs of Jesus' Coming.

Bible Prophecy Charts And the History of the Book of Revelation

The Apostle John wrote about the end of the world and the events leading up the the Second Coming of Christ. How the Book of Revelation is interpreted depends, in part, on when it was written: during the time of Emperor Nero or Domitian.

  • Chart: When did John Write the Book of Revelation?
  • Chart: Who Was Emperor Nero? Who Was Emperor Domitian?

Definition of Terms in the Book of Revelation

Apocalyptic literature, such as is found in the Book of Revelation, is presented in the form of vision that figuratively reveals hidden truths. For this reason, Christian scholars differ in their definitions of the terms in Revelation. These Revelation charts explain the views.

  • Who Are the 24 Elders?
  • Who are the 144,000?
  • What does the "Mark of the Beast" Mean?
  • Who are the 2 Witnesses in the Book of Revelation?
  • What are the characteristics of the Antichrist?
  • What are the 2 Beasts in the Old Testament?
  • 4 Views of the Beasts in the Book of Revelation
  • Explanation of the "Seven Heads," "The Ten Horns," Other Descriptions of the Beast

More Revelation Charts and End-Times Charts

  • Four Ways to Understand the Book of Revelation Chart
  • Three Ways to Interpret the Book of Daniel — Chart explains the statues, beasts, goats, and the 70 weeks.
  • Four Christian Views of the End Times Chart: Pre-Mil, Post-Mill, A-Mill and Historical Pre-Mill
  • Terms in the Book of Revelation: the Beasts, 666, Millennium, Antichrist, Armageddon, and Tribulation
  • A Dispensational End-Times Prophecies Chart compared with two other Christian views of God's work with Israel
  • Jesus' teachings in Matthew 24, known as the Olivet Discourse, and two ways of understanding each passage (wars, rumors of wars, tribulation, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Two views of the Temple in the End Times
  • Ezekiel's Temple Vision Chart- 4 ways of understanding it
  • Glossary of End-Times Terms

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